Thursday, April 17, 2014

300th Post - A story + Giveaway!

I wake up to a world of darkness, not the absence of light but as if the light never existed in the first place.
The last thing I remember is staring at my computer, trying to write my 300th blog post and then pain, worse than anything I've felt before, worse than when my brother fell on my arm and broke my wrist, worse than when I sliced my finger open and had to get stitches, and then...nothing.
I sit huddled in the darkness for what feels like days, my stomach feeling empty, my mouth dry, and I know that this is my punishment for not writing the epic 300th post that I promised my viewers and so I suffer for I deserve it.
My mind fills with all the ideas I had, lame and not what was deserved. 300 songs? Who wants to listen to 300 of my favorite songs? 300 hundred books? What, so every book that was my favorite for even one second since I was five? Stupid. A funny video? I can't make a funny video! A giveaway? Well obviously but it needs something more!
It's then that I hear the voice, taunting me in the darkness. "You must do better, you igit!" The voice whispers, low and crackling before dissolving into laughter, malicious laughter.
"I don't know what to do." I whisper back, not expecting the darkness to reply.
"Yes, you do." It's a different voice, louder and somehow comforting.
"Could you refresh my memory?" I ask it my voice shaking from exhaustion, but I get no reply this time and so my time passes in the darkness as I try to count the seconds, waiting, waiting, for the idea to come and consume me.
I feel a sharp pain in my arm as a hand grabs me and jerks me to my feet, nails long and dirty, digging into my flesh. "Stupid girl, did you think I would not find you out here, hiding in the darkness. The darkness is not your friend, he is mine." A cold and hollow voice whispers lies to me as I am pulled through the darkness, the air thick and silky against my skin. In my head I imagine the person behind this new voice much like a Disney villain, tall and darkly beautiful, with blue skin and wicked eyes, as she pulls me away from the darkness that I now realize was protecting me, from the Ideas. Vicious monsters that eat away at your mind and soul unless you find and capture them first.
They don't eat flesh, but the mind, they do it slowly and you can't stop it, can't hide from them, can't destroy them or so the myth goes...
I walk through the catacombs where I was left after being dragged for what felt like days, bones of old wasted ideas strewn out on all sides, whispering to me, telling me lies. My hands are tied before me though I walk alone, and I can not block out the whispers. They come from everywhere, above and behind me, through the walls, the floor, from inside my own mind and they threaten to drive me to madness.
All the old wasted ideas, the ones that weren't mastered in time, the ones that consumed the very minds that were meant to comfort and care for them, the same way that my own hunts me. I can feel it, on the outer edges on my consciousness, it hunts me for I have let it down, abandoned it. I must find a way to concur it before it finds me or I am forever doomed.
I walk for endless hours, barely staying ahead of the Idea, never resting, never sleeping. I haven't eaten or drank since this nightmare started, yet still somehow I persevere, knowing it is my duty in life to discover the idea before it can consume me.
I walk and walk, following the catacombs, going the only direction I can, forward. I can feel it, it's getting closer, but so am I. The lore comes to me as if I have known it all along. Once the Idea has your scent the only way to beat and capture it is to find it's burrow, it's home, before it finds you. Once you get to it's burrow you can find it's gem, it's heart and capture it, that is when the Idea becomes yours once more. That's when you can finally rest your hands on it and breathe a sigh of relief.
As I get closer to the burrow traps and spells start to fall into place, but none so bad as what I know awaits me at the burrow...the dragon. Slay the dragon, enter the burrow. Enter the burrow collect the gem and learn the idea, game over, I win. But it wont be easy, I think as I slash through the Minotaur, killing it and stealing it's horn. I use the sword I collected about a mile back for answering the sphinxes questions correctly, next up...the serpent.
I barely escape the serpent with my life and worse, I have been bitten, the poison slowly making it's way through my blood stream, if I don't capture the Idea soon I will die, better at the poisons hand than the Ideas.
I know I will need all three objects to defeat the dragon, the sphinxes' sword, the Minotaurs' horn and the serpents fang. I must stab the dragon with all three for him die. but everyday, every hour, I grow weaker from the poison and from exhaustion as the Idea slowly drains me, the voices never stopping their mocking even as I take down the first three guardians.
I can feel it, the Idea, stalking me, waiting until the last minute to pounce, waiting for the poison to weaken so much that I fall to my knees before the Idea and beg it to finish me off, but I wont do that, I can't. Even as the Ideas, the discovered, the forgotten and the not yet known, battering me from every side of my mind, I march on, stumbling and alone, lost in despair, but I will not surrender.
At last I face the dragon, the Idea lurks just out of my line of sight waiting for me to fail, waiting for me to fall, before giving in and taking over my mind, slowly leaching away everything I am until finally sweet sweet death. But I'm not dead yet.
The dragon towers above me, easily three stories tall, and as dark as the night sky hidden behind rain clouds. It's wings spread out behind it each one the width of a New York city building, the horns that tip it's long snouted head look extra sharp and deadly just for this occasion. The scaly creature before me nearly blends into the dark cavern it resides in, flames dance in it's eyes, it's mouth full of long sharp teeth itching to rip into my skin, it's belly undoubtedly full of fire ready to burn me, it's claws long and sharp like everything else on it and ready to claw apart my body, to spill my blood on the cavern floor. All I feel is fear, thick and suffocating as the dragon catches sight of me and zeros in, ready for the kill.
I stand still rooted to the spot, blood like ice, thick and cold in my veins, my very own breath suffocating me as I stare down my fate. As the dragon comes face to face with me I worry that I am going to black out and just as the spots I see before me begin to overtake me I hear the dragons voice in my head, sweet and musical as it sings me to sleep with the most beautiful story.
My vision clears and I stand in a new cavern, ceiling low, and walls close, it's small and barely lit by a single torch. The floor is covered in precious gemstones and gold, but none the one I need. No, that one floats in the middle of the room waiting for me. I approach with cation, weary of another fight as I know that the Idea lurks amongst my shadow. I reach out my hand slowly....
I capture the idea in my hands clenching the oily liquid shadow of the idea a it emerges from the stone...and the world gets turned upside down as my mind expands to take it in and I know that finally I have won. The dragons words echo in my mind as I leave this world behind. "This, all of this, is the Idea. And the Idea is yours.......
The End
copyright© 2014 S. Emory

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