Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fangirls Spotlight #2 - Ashes and Ice+Giveaway

This Month's Fangirls Spotlight is the Ashes and Ice trilogy by Rochelle Maya Callen!
Why? This is a fairly unknown/awesome book series. The first two books are out now, Ashes & Ice and Fire & Shadows. Now this is a series that has been on my radar for awhile now, I don't even remember how I first heard of it but I kept putting off buying it for one reason or another and then finally I saw on Facebook that you could buy a signed set of both books and if you were a blogger you could get extra signed swag to give away and I thought, why not? It's about time I bought this book and Oh My Jeez I love it so much. I just finished both books and they are so so awesome/epically great and I have the need to share them with the world and so here we are.
Throughout the month I will post both of my reviews for these books + some other fun stuff(like a playlist inspired by these books, hint, hint, nudge, nudge) and a giveaway!

Giveaway! -
Rules and whatnot -
  -The giveaway starts today and will end at the end of the month.
  -On account of the fact that I am jobless you must live in the U.S because I am broke, well almost broke.
  -You must be thirteen years or older or have a parent/guardians permission.
Prizes! -

  -Two Ashes and Ice bundles! - Including a copy of Ashes & Ice the first book in the trilogy + a bookmark signed by the author + Signed Postcard Teasers!

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  1. Ashes and Ice was an interesting story.

    1. You've read it? And interesting good or interesting bad? =)

  2. This sounds like it would be interesting and I'd love to read it then pass it on to the next reader.

    1. It is definitely interesting! =)