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Fangirls Spotlight: Review: Fire & Shadows by Rochelle Maya Callen +Giveaway!

So this months' Fangirls Spotlight is Rochelle Maya Callen's Ashes and Ice series and so this is my review of the second book in the series Fire and Shadows. For more information on Fangirls Spotlight click here.

17264027About -
Secrets. Silence. Sacrifice.

Jade is only beginning to unravel her own secrets. Facing fate, a murky past and a brutal inner battle, Jade must become what she fears without giving into the darkness. 

If she doesn't, the world will be devoured by Fire and Shadows.

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Spoiler Alert! Spoilers from book 1 Ashes and Ice are in abundance in this review!

My Rating - 5 stars

Review -

What to say of this book? First let me point out that I was in a cold medicine influenced daze while reading this book, so take what you will from that. I really really enjoyed this book though, what I can remember of it. Still I loved it almost as much as I loved the first one. This book picks up a couple weeks after the end of the first one, we have Conner basically back from the dead, Jade half way around the world god knows where with Giovanni an angel who we quickly find out is in love with Jade though she can't remember him and so obviously he hates Conner and yeah, I was really worried this was going to transform into a love triangle but it didn't, because throughout it all Jade stays true to Conner which just made me love her more. So while Jade and Giovanni are searching for the entrance to Hell to save Lynx Conner is stuck back at home under suicide watch and willing to do anything to find Jade.

Dislikes -
  -The one thing that I will say kinda bad about these books is that they definitely can't stand alone, they're quick and fun and I love the story but you definitely get the feeling that this is only part of the story with it, it's not very filling. I love it anyways and that's really the only bad thing I have to say about it but it is true.
  - Giovanni - I just hate him so much, oh poor me I love Jade and she doesn't remember me, oh I know I'll be jackass to her and pretend I feel nothing! Also lots of grunting and sulking and Conner hating. He was a well written character I just hate him!
  -The ending - It was a good ending but that cliff hanger!

Likes -
  - Conner- I still love him and this book sees him stepping up a little which I really loved.
  - Jade - Again I still love her and the fact that she wasn't at all interested in Giovanni made me love her even more.
  - The writing as with book 1 beautiful and compelling.
  -Everything? It's fast paced and easy to read and we get more plot and character development and I just loved it.
  -Giovanni - while I do hate him a little I must admit that I felt for the guy.

In conclusion - See above.
P.S. More please?

Recommendations- If you love good books read this. Especially if you love Daughter Of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

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