Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Post #299 The Ways Of Popcorn

Okay first of all since my 99th post was about movie watching I figure it only right that this one be about snacks and more importantly the ultimate movie watching snack...popcorn! Also on days like yesterday when I do nothing but burrow in my room with a book I go through lots of snacks, popcorn obviously being my favorite. Partially because I love crunchy things, partially because it's easy and yummy to eat while reading. I mean I love ice cream but it's not as easy to eat while reading, you could drip all over the pages or your e-reader and nobody wants that, right? So, I tend to go with popcorn while reading, movie watching and writing, and doing anything else I might be doing.
Now, there are so many ways to enjoy popcorn I mean I remember one night when I was like twelve and my family was having a movie night and so my brothers and I made up a ton of popcorn we went through like one of the big boxes and we put pretty much anything we had in cupboard on popcorn some highlights were the peanut butter and jelly, the twice chocolate I believe it had melted chocolate chips, sugar, and coco powder...yeah.  So here are some of what I think are the best ways to eat popcorn.
All these "recipes" are simply microwave popcorn or movie theater with things just added on top or mixed in!

  • Extra butter.
  • With candy! - I know you've done this! Any kind of chocolate works but personally I prefer cookie dough bites!
  • With sugar.
  • With cinnamon and sugar.
  • Zebra! - With melted white and milk chocolate!
  • Muddy Buddy! - I just found out about this and it's awesome! I made 2 bags of popcorn, melted half a bag of chocolate chips and three scoops of peanut butter poured that over the popcorn with two cups powdered sugar mixed and it is delicious! And can be made in under 5 minutes! If you follow the link below you can find the actual recipe!
  • Cheese powder from kraft mac and cheese - Okay yes you can buy the actual movie theater cheese things in the little bottle and it comes in all kinds of flavors but this works too!
  • With hot sauce - if your into that kind of thing, my brothers friends used to do this all the time.
  • Kettle Corn! - Personally I love kettle corn and my brother makes the best sugar free ever! I don't know how to make it but if you're interested I can get the recipe!
Check back tomorrow to see my 300th post!

P.S. for more popcorn deliciousness follow this link!

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  1. Some great popcorn mixer ideas there.I am a fan of simply opening up M & M's chocky ones and pouring them over the popcorn. Shaking the container and ...yum!! The heat melts the chocky inside the candy.