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Review: Just Sing by Rene Gilley

20581358About - Just Sing
by Rene Gilley
Expected Release Date - June 5th
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Description -
Sixteen-year-old Lily O’Brien has one goal in life—to sing. Her dream is to get into a topnotch college vocal program, but the summer before her junior year, her high school cuts their awarding-winning vocal ensemble. She might as well kiss her dreams goodbye.

When the snobby new neighbors move into their mansion up the hill, Lily is positive summer can’t get any worse, and she’s determined to hate and ignore them—until she meets Aiden. 
He’s broken and beautiful, and they become reluctant friends. Through her newfound friendship, she finds the strength to step outside the comfort of her plan and follow her dream. 

But when Lily’s family is about to lose their home, she puts her wishes aside and finds the answer to save their generations-old ranch in the last place she expected.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars

Review -
What to say?
As you may have figured out I love love love contemporaries where one of the main themes is music, it's my two favorite things and this book does a really good and original job with it. The characters are great and I love the setting of Seven Oaks and I just thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Dislikes -
  -How it ended with Aiden - It's just, first of all I loved Aiden at first even with all of his flaws but how things ended with him just ruined him all together for me, not so much that it like ruined the whole story but enough that it disappointed me. Also, I just wish for one final scene with Aiden.

Likes -
  - Lily - I loved her character, I loved that more than anything she wanted her brother and her family to be okay, throughout the whole book she's worried about leaving to follow her own dreams because she thinks it means that she would be abandoning her family. She's strong and kickass awesome. She's not the cliche character that thinks she's ugly and doesn't understand why any guy would ever like her and yadda yadda yadda. While she had her insecure moments she still believed in herself and in her voice and I loved that. I loved all the music stuff that was kinda in the background throughout the whole book. She writes a song about Aiden and then throughout it all she's trying to get into a music school and trying to figure out whether she would be able to leave her family behind and all that good stuff.
  -Aiden - For the most part I still liked Aiden.
  - Their relationship - I enjoyed reading about their relationship, their friendship and it morphing into maybe something more and all the ups and downs and how in the end it's part of what convinces Lily to follow her dreams. But again I wanted just one more scene with them together.
  -Lily's family - I loved the uniqueness of her family and how in the end they were the most important thing in her life.
  -Philip+ - Lily's best friend and sometimes bandmate, I just loved him, he's funny and sweet and the perfect best friend. I loved all of Lily's friends they were my favorite characters in this book but Philip was my favorite. Some of my absolute favorite scenes have to be the ones when Lily is competing in this contest to win the money to save their ranch, the parts there with Philip and Chase were just the best.
  - This book also deals with some difficult situations and it handles them in a realistic fashion I think. Aidens mom died and his dad cheated on her and got another woman pregnant while she was sick and dieing and this makes Aiden hate them, but we also got to see Lily get to know his stepmom and learn that she's really not as bad as it would seem. And then Lily's mom abandoned them and her dad has a drinking problem and all these things are handle very well I think, they aren't just kinda avoided like in some books but not everything is all wrapped up all nice and neat either.

Overall -
I really really enjoyed this book, there wasn't much I didn't like and the little bit that I did dislike wasn't enough the tarnish the book in my mind. I know that there is supposed to be more of these books but I don't know exactly what they are supposed to be about besides Seven Oaks but either way I would definitely read more books by this author.

Recomended for - Contemperary fans and music lovers.

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  1. This book seems like an interesting read! :) What genre is it? Sorry, I'm pretty bad at knowing a book's genre! Might as well browse through it soon! Thanks :)

    1. Its Young Adult Contemporary and dont worry about it up until like a year ago I couldn't tell the difference between Young Adult and Middle Grade or Science Fiction and Fantasy, so you're not the only one! =)

  2. Replies
    1. Of course! And I meant every word. =)