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ARC Review: Divided by Elsie Chapman

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by Elsie Chapman
Release date: May 27th 2014
How I got it - Review copy from Netgalley
Series - Dualed book 2
Genre: YA Dystopian
Goodreads Link
Description -
The hunter becomes the hunted. . . .

West Grayer is done killing. She defeated her Alternate, a twin raised by another family, and proved she’s worthy of a future. She’s ready to move on with her life.

The Board has other plans. They want her to kill one last time, and offer her a deal worth killing for. But when West recognizes her target as a ghost from her past, she realizes she’s in over her head. The Board is lying, and West will have to uncover the truth of the past to secure her future.

How far will the Board go to keep their secrets safe? And how far will West go to save those she loves? With nonstop action and surprising twists, Elsie Chapman’s intoxicating sequel to Dualed reveals everything.

I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

WARNING! Spoilers ahead for book 1: Dualed.

My Rating: 3 Stars - Meh.

Review: Once more I find myself conflicted when trying to rate and review this book, I liked it, the first half was boring but the second half picked up and kept me hooked, but overall I only liked it, I never loved it. I so very much wanted this book to make up for the short comings of the first book, where there wasn't enough world building and it was all about our main character West hunting her Alt when I wanted it to be more, i wanted her to realize that "The board"(the government that controls life in Kersh) was evil and fight back, I thought we would at least get to that in this book but not really.

Let's talk about -
  -The world - Despite it not being developed as much as I wanted it to I still love the world that the author has crafted, this place walled off from the rest of the world, where everyone is sterile which leads to the "board" making it to where every person born has an Alt, a twin, that they will have to kill if they want to live. It's an awesome and unique world especially when you add in this mysterious Board and the Strikers (assassins who are payed to kill of peoples alts), but I just don't feel like the world isn't used as well as it could be. It could be awesome and badass but is weighed down by slightly boring plots. I don't know about you but when I read a dystopian like this I want to see the characters taking down the man not just getting by. While we get a little more insight into "the board" and everything West doesn't even begin to think they might be bad until at least 75% into the book which is much to late.
  -The Plot - So West has retired from Striking but is pulled back in by the board. I don't know, I just wanted more than this. Half way through things do pick up and it gets more interesting but I wanted it to be more, you know? Also one of the reasons for this is so that Wests future kids wont have Alts and I don't know I just feel like their could have been a better reason for this, it made me feel like West was a lot older than she supposedly is and I don't know it was just weird.
  -Characters -
    -Chord - I like Chord, i do, I just don't get why he loved West, I don't feel the love.
  -West - is still immature and annoying, constantly making bad decisions and all around frustrating. At some points I just wanted to smack her to make her finally understand that the board and this way of life is bad! Though she is still kind of a badass.
Other random things -
  - This is small but really annoyed me, now I did read an ARC mind you and it might have been cut from the final copy but at one point towards the beginning of the book West compares something to FanFic, how does that even begin to exist in this world? It's just weird.

Overall - I feel the question now is why did I give it 3 stars when my whole review was complaining about it? Because despite it not being what I wanted it to be it was still a good book, the beginning is slow but the end is really good and I still have hope for this series even if it's not the best thing I have ever read.

Would I Recommend This? Yes. If you liked the first than definitely pick this one up.
Who To? People who liked the first one.
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Yes. Because I want it to get better.

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  1. I love dystopian novels! It's my favorite genre! But I can totally see why it didn't stand out as good enough for you :( Looks quite interesting, though!
    I found that you got this from netgalley. I'm pretty new to netgalley, and i learned that Amazon can send a fee if you send the galley directly to your kindle. I hope you don't mind if i ask, though. Netgalley can confuse me a little :P I learned that if your kindle has wifi, there would be no fee. I've been sending my galleys to my kindle fire and kindle app (in iPad) and both can connect to wifi. Does that mean I won't be charged a fee?

    I'm sorry if my question can be a little obvious, but i want to make sure because i'd be so scared if it sent me a fee O.O and i was going to email them, but then my email is down at the moment. Sorry for bothering! I just really wanna know! Thanks! :>

    1. Well I'm not sure but I've been having them sent to my kindle fire and my kindle APP on my phone which are both always over WIFI for months now and have never been charged any kind of few.
      Hope this helps!