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Blog Tour: Remnants Of The Damned by Gavin Hetherington - Review+Quotes+Playlist

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18679374Remnants Of The Damned
by Gavin Hetherington
Series: Abyssal Sanctuary #1
Release date: October 9th 2013
Genre: YA/NA Horror
Purchase: Amazon
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Description -
Witness the Birth of Fear.
There has always been something wrong with the sinister and secluded town of Lakefield View. For one, people get murdered on the streets and nobody does anything about it. Even if they hear their screams curse the night skies, the number of saints has diminished. But it isn't the sick and twisted residents of Lakefield View that are the ones who you should avoid... it's the killers, the psychopaths, the witches and the monsters you should watch out for.
Five unsuspecting workers of a picturesque café get the shock of their lives when a family member is killed before their eyes. A chain of events ensue and they are all catapulted down a spiraling road of mystery and magic, each struggling to overcome constant obstacles that threaten their lives and the safety of their families. As the mystery progresses and the secrets get darker, the friends find it harder and harder to keep their heads above water.
The only thing worse than being alone in the dark, is finding out you're not!

My Rating: 4 stars - As a lover of Horror movies and a reader of books I really did enjoy it. =)

Review: What to say? I admit I had a hard time with just deciding on a rating for this book even more so on reviewing it. But then I decided I need to review it for what it is...a horror book. Horror books don't follow the same rules as Fantasy or Contemporary or any other genre, they don't have to and while I used to love reading "horror" when I was younger, I use the quotations because we're talking goosebumps and fear street, I don't really read that so much anymore, I read fantasy and contemporary which can't be compared to Horror because they are wildly different. Anyways on to the real review.
I would compare this to Fear Street because creepy Town where people die often and no one seems to care? Hello Fear Street. Also as a kind of weird mash up of Scream, Cabin in the Woods and Final Destination. Let me explain. Scream because of the men in masks who try to kill various character and pop up seemingly randomly until (spoiler alert) you realize there is more than one. Cabin In The Woods because, honestly, it's kinda pointless in the end, I mean there is going to be more books so the story will progress but still. And finally Final Destination because that's what it feels like at first because these character keep almost dieing and running from death and whatnot. Having said all of that it does make for a pretty great Horror story.

Likes -
 -  I liked the characters, they were wildly different from each other and yet all a little bit crazy. Also always a plus in my book one of the main characters is gay! Boom. Mind blown! Kudos to the author for that one. (Disclaimer: while it may sound like I'm being sarcastic here I swear I am not.)
  - I also really liked the pacing of the book. It's broken down into six parts, one for each character that starts after they leave this Cafe where one of the characters sister has just been murdered and leading up to about twenty-four hours(I think) later when they're thrown back together again and the last part being the epilogue where they are all reunited and trying to figure just what is trying to kill them. But this way you get to everything from each characters point of veil and it definitely keeps you in suspense.
 - Creepy - I fully admit this book creeped me out more than once, especially when I read a certain clown part in the middle of the night...yeah I didn't sleep that night and I am not normally afraid of clowns, you know except when they're in horror movies and books, but in general not afraid..

Dislikes -
  - Lack of plot. But seriously how many horror movies and the like have a plot? I just wanted to know more.

Overall - This is definitely a horror story, lots of blood, all kinds of nasty things and fairly creepy. Which is a good thing but also means that there's not allot of plot or character development, there however is going to be more books so I'm sure some of the unanswered things will be answered. Basically if your a horror fan read it.

Would I Recommend This? Yes.
Who To? Horror fans
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Probably

Favorite Quotes -

"I see dead people all the time. A lot of the time they just want to tell me something. Once or twice they've tried to kill me." 
"The three deep bleeding scratches were still there. The creature had clawed him is his dream, but here were the scratches in real life."
"I have been so paranoid about every little thing. I nearly shit myself earlier because something rubbed up against my foot, but it was just my other foot."
 "Christina studied the photograph. It was of the back of her head as she was driving. The timestamp on the bottom revealed that it was taken only five minutes ago."
 "Yeah well everyone has the right to be an ugly cow, but you abused that privilege!"
  "Who likes a status about someone dying? It's sick!"
 "I put on air freshener today so I smell nice."

And A Playlist! -
Okay so I wasn't scheduled for a Playlist so I was just going to do my normal Song Of The Moment theme song thing but I couldn't pick one song so I did a playlist anyways!

Gavin Hetherington currently resides in the town of Gateshead in the United Kingdom. A literature fanatic of fantasy, Gavin began writing stories when he was young, mainly about witches and the supernatural.

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  1. Wow thanks so much for the amazing review! I really appreciate you taking the time to read the book. Thanks for adding the cool playlist too, that's amazing! Can't wait to listen to them. I admit I haven't heard some of the songs.

    1. I love the songs you picked for the playlist. I had never heard the "Nightmare" song by Set It Off but it's so catchy. All of the songs are great too.

    2. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the playlist, most people just come here for the reviews =) I love "Nightmare", because it's creepy and catchy, after the clown part in your book I decided Nightmare was the perfect song for this playlist and then I listened to it over and over when I couldn't sleep because I read the clown part in the middle of the night...True story.