Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fangirls Spotlight #3 - May 2014 - Spotlight on...Bridget Zinn! +Giveaway!

Spotlight On: *drum roll*....Bridget Zinn!
Who is Bridget Zinn? This really awesome author who wrote this really awesome book called Poison and her story kinda changed my life. Not Poison though it is awesome but the story of her life, you see she always wanted to be an author but tragically she died before her book was published, now while this is sad this is not the reason you should read her, you should read her book because even without the tragedy following it around it is pure awesome.
About her book - Okay so I haven't read it in about a year, I read it the day it came out but I can tell you it is awesome, it involves a pig, a kickass main character who is a potions master and a really cool world. It's funny and lighthearted and unforgettable. Also it is totally underrated, I like never see anyone talking about it and it makes me sad so I am going to fix that, at least for a few people.
Also it's A Stand Alone YA Fantasy... no way? Yes way! I know it like never happens but it did.

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Prizes - 3 paperback copies of Poison!

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