Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Tattoo!

Song Of The Moment - The Call Out by Wayward

So, I spent yesterday at a little place called Evolution Tattoo with my brothers and I got my second tattoo!
Talk about commitment to Harry Potter =)

Now to answer your burning question once more -
Does it hurt? Yes. Really bad but it's worth it and if you just hold your breath and then remember to breathe in between(like when the artist stops to wipe up the extra ink or get more ink) then you can get through it. But I mean it's different for everyone, some people don't feel it, some think it's the worst pain in the world, either way it's worth it.

Now if I were asked for advise about deciding to get a tattoo I would say 1. make sure you like the artist and 2. make sure you love the tattoo before you get it. =)

P.S. Sorry if i'm behind on replying to comments but the tattoo makes it hard to type and I hate using my phone for this =)