Monday, June 16, 2014

100,000 Word Summer - Introduction

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So, last summer I wrote my first book and I got to thinking today that it would be cool to have a goal in mind writing wise for this summer and I came up with 100,000 word summer! Which means starting on June 13th(I forgot to post this the other day...oops) and ending on August 17th I will write 100,000 words, hopefully. Now considering NaNoWriMo standards this is about normal if you were doing two consecutive months of NaNo and I considered upping it to 150,000 for more of a challenge but I decided to shoot for higher but keep my goal at 100,000 words. Plus I do have some personal stuff going on in my life so I don't want to stress as much as I would with a higher goal. Luckily I am doing Camp NaNo next month so that will hopefully knock out a good half of my goal. Now last year for my Summer I Wrote A Book goal I did the dates that the actual season of summer was this year I'm doing it as the school break, which for me would be the 13th till the 18th of August, so yeah.
  This is honestly just to keep track of my writing this summer and to have some kind of set goal in mind which means even if by some chance I write the 100,000 words by the middle of July(unlikely), I will still continue to write and keep track until the end of summer, likewise even if it looks like I wont make it. =)
  Feel free to join me in this challenge, I will not be doing daily updates but weekly ones and probably a few extra next month for NaNaWriMo and some random advise and ectera posts! All will be tagged with 100,000 word summer for your convince. =)

Goal: 100,000
Words Written on the 13th - 5, 671
Words Written on the 14th - 5,472
Words Written on the 15th - 811 - Okay so this was a bad day for me =)
Words Left To Write - 88,046

Do you have any goals in mind this summer? Writing or reading or anything else wise?

Next up on writerly posts my Camp NaNo introduction!

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