Saturday, June 21, 2014

Contemporary Break

I am going on a self imposed contemporary break. Meaning that asides from a few review copies(and obviously On The Fence when it comes out) I am taking a break from contemporary for a little while. I love contemporary I do but recently it kinda feels like that's all I read and I miss my fantasy and my dystopian and my syfy and I want it back!

Sats- out of 74 books I have read this year
33 of them have been Contemporary 
And 41 have been Other- meaning fantasy syfy dystopian and the like.
That's crazy ! Especially when you consider the fact that up until two or three years ago I had never ever read contemporary!
Basically though I just miss my other favorite genres and they feel neglected! And I feel like I need a break from the genre of contemporary so that I can really appreciate it once more when I go back.
Also I have no idea if I will stick with this or how long it will last!

Is there any one genre you find yourself reading more of recently? Any genre you haven't read in awhile that you miss? Favorite genre? All the questions!

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