Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Update! May Wrap Up!

  • Review List - Click here or on the review tab(All The Small Things) up top to see my new archive of reviews!
  • Fangirls Spotlight - Basically I'm extending Mays Spotlight to June because of reasons I will now kinda sorta explain. I haven't said much and don't really want to but basically my brother is sick, not he might die sick but it's pretty serious, we aren't positive at the moment that it's what we think it is but there are lots of tests and different doctors appointments and he's my brother and my best friend and so I go with him and my mom to all of these appointments plus I've been spending a lot of time just hanging out with him and everything because he's my brother and I love him, but basically I haven't had time to plan out a Fangirls Spotlight or finish the posts i wanted to this month so I figured extend it! I hope that this is the only way the blog is affected by this and on the up side I've gotten a lot of reading done while sitting in waiting rooms! For more info on the extension click here!
  • Renaissance Faire - Next Saturday I am going to my first ever Renaissance Faire! I am so excited! My whole family, two brothers and mom, are going and we're all dressing up and basically it's going to be awesome. I will try and remember to take lots of pictures and post all about it but I make no promises. =)

I think that's pretty much it. =)

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