Monday, June 30, 2014

Monthly Round Up And Update!

First of all I'm experimenting with the title for this monthly post as you may have notice recently, also with my writing updates which at the moment I'm calling Writerly Advise, off and on. Basically it's very confusing!
  • Quotes Page! I wanted to start with this because I actually updated it last month! What? I know, it's shocking! So make sure to check that out up top and if you've already read it then scroll down to the bottom to see the newest additions!
  • Camp NaNoWriMo and chaos -If you don't know what Camp NaNoWriMo is click here. -I have already made two posts about this centering around what I am going to be writing, here and here.
    • Basically I am going to be doing NaNoWriMo all month and so I make no promises on how many reviews and posts there are going to be this month, I already know I wont be doing Top Ten Tuesday this week or next week, partially because of NaNo and partially because I don't really want to do the topics that have been picked for those two weeks. I will be doing Waiting On Wednesday though and I already have a few reviews scheduled and a few fun posts plus I will be doing various writing updates and whatnot. Basically it will be chaos much like this paragraph!
    • Also I am doing a 100,000 word summer! Click here for info about that,and I will just add that into my NaNo updates which I am going to try and do once a week!
  • Fangirls Anonymous! I have a few posts for this planned for once!
  • Fangirls Spotlight! Giveaway winners will be announced later today and I actually have a new one planned for this month unfortunately there will not be a giveaway because I am broke...sorry. It will still be fun though so please check it out!
So yeah. This month will be crazy, on top of all of this we're expecting my brother to have to go into surgery at some point this month, spoiler alert his jaw is going to be the doctors...on purpose, so there's that and Camp NaNo madness!

Round Up! Featuring Posts I am particularly Proud Of!
I want to start doing a round up but I don't want to list every single post from the whole month because that would be a lot so first of all all writing related posts will be linked to my writing update, all Fangirls Spotlight posts will be linked up to the Giveaway Winners post and I will only link 3 reviews and 3 other posts here, the rest can be found in my archive or up top under All The Small Things for my review index!

Reviews -
Random Awesomeness - Spoiler alert there wasn't much awesomeness this month.

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