Saturday, June 7, 2014

Renaissance Faire!

Yesterday I went to my first Renaissance Faire! It's called the Valhalla Renaisance Faire and apparently it's been going on for 22 years and we(meaning my brothers and I) never knew that it came here! Story time -
So apparently this Faire comes to Lake Tahoe every year and I live in Reno which is really close, so having lived here we go to Tahoe fairly often and so we decided we didn't need to look directions up. We were wrong. The back story is that we have never gone on a road trip where we haven't gotten lost, both times we went to San Diego for Comic Con, we got lost. The first time we ended up on a military base(don't ask), the second time on the way home we ended up over half way to Vegas...which is definitely the wrong way to get home. Then there was the time we drove to San Francisco and we spent like 2 hours driving back and forth trying to find our motel. Then there was Sacramento and the case of trying to find a Golden Corral to eat at...we never did find that. Don't even ask about the time we drove all the way to Pennsylvania and back, I don't think any of us remembers just how many times and in what states we got lost in.
Anyways. In the week leading up to the faire my brother and I made costumes, I was an Assassin(or Rogue), my brother was a thief, my other brother a Mage and my mom a Gypsy. So that was loads of fun especially when we stopped by the store on our way out of town for snacks(aka breakfast) and were in our full costumes. Finally after a couple extra hours of driving we made it!
(by the way even though I purposely dug out my digital camera and spent an hour locating the charger last night I totally forgot my camera in the car so these pictures were taken on my phone and then my phone

 Basically it was just awesome. Everyone was dressed up and all the actors, I guess you'd call them, talked in old English and everything and they never broke character and it was just awesome. A lady was "collecting" kisses and tried to get my brothers to kiss her which was hilarious because it embarrassed them and they just walked away. There was delicious food and music and it was all kinds of fun.

The King and Queen
There was also archery contests and a talk like a pirate contest and joust and a storyteller and all kinds of shows and dancing and prisoners and gallows and a court house type thing.

This is an awesome mask that was for sale it's so very awesome and very expensive. I wanted it so bad because it looks like a dragon however while it's worth the price they were asking I do not have the kind of money needed to justify buying it. Still it's awesome, right?

This is what I did buy a dagger and a wand!

Basically it was awesome and I really want to go to more renaissance faires and everyone should go to one at least once in their lives, okay?

P.S. I also actually bought 2 books that I got signed by the authors, just like self published books, but they sound really awesome and I would leave links and pictures except that they are in my moms car at the moment, which is not here, and I can not for the life of me remember the names. In my defense I am very tired.
UPDATE! - The two books -

11717080First Chosen by M. Todd Gallowglas 
6582064Rowan of The Wood by Christine Rose and Ethan Rose

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