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Review: Guy In Real Life by Steve Brezenoff

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18606953Guy In Real Life
by Steve Brezenoff 
Release date: May 27th
How I got it - bought it
Genre: YA Contemporary
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Description -
An achingly real and profoundly moving love story about two Minnesota teens whose lives become intertwined through school, role-playing games, and a chance two-a.m. bike accident.

It is Labor Day weekend in St. Paul, Minnesota, and boy and girl collide on a dark street at two thirty in the morning: Lesh, who wears black, listens to metal, and plays MMOs; and Svetlana, who embroiders her skirts, listens to Björk and Berlioz, and dungeon masters her own RPG. They should pick themselves up, continue on their way, and never talk to each other again. 

But they don’t.

This is a story of two people who do not belong in each other’s lives, who find each other at a time when they desperately need someone who doesn’t belong in their lives. A story of those moments when we act like people we aren’t in order to figure out who we are. A story of the roles we all play—at school, at home, with our friends, and without our friends—and the one person who might show us what lies underneath it all.

From the author of the universally praised indie hit Brooklyn, Burning comes a funny, unforgettable, and completely original love story

My Rating: 4 stars

Beware Minor Spoilers Ahead!
   G.I.R.L - Guy In Real Life. Meaning a guy that plays a game, like an MMO, as a female character.
This book centers around two characters, Lesh and Svetlana, though I would say it is definitely more about Lesh who gets obsessed with Svetlana, is grounded and so starts playing an MMORPG and creates a character to be Svvetlana, this is where things get confusing. But basically the story follows these two, one a metal head stalker, one an awesome uber nerd, and also there are chapters from the character, Svvetlana(to Vs) that Lesh plays as in this game, that's where I got lost. So, after that amazingly not confusing description let's just jump right in, okay?
I admit going into this book I wasn't expecting these things, I was excepting a fun and hilarious lighthearted contemporary but I'm happy it was more than that. In the middle it did get a little dull and boring mainly when we get to the chapters that are Leshs MMO character at first I thought it was awesome and entertaining but I quickly grew bored of it but it's gets better, and I felt like the sexuality issues that that was supposed to signify didn't really play a big part until the end of the book and I wish they had been addressed sooner but also I could just be dense and didn't realize it when I should have.
Moving on...

Likes -
  - Svetlana - She's an awesome character, she's a nerd and she's weird and I just loved her so much. She's not ashamed to be a nerd and she loves spending her time being a Dungeon Master and sewing and she's is just awesome.
  - While a lot of books these days center around LGBT relationships, which of course as a reader and a supporter makes me extremely happy, I really liked this book because I feel like it addressed another side of sexuality that, I at least, don't see very often. I didn't really get it in the beginning, I didn't understand that was what was going on with Lesh, and I don't know it that was just me or if it really wasn't addressed until closer to the end or maybe it's because I didn't see how playing as girl showed that and maybe it should have been addressed in other ways too but basically Lesh plays the game as Svetlana and the question in the end is does he want to be WITH Svetlana or BE her? I really enjoyed this aspect to the book but again I felt like it should have been brought up sooner.
  -Roan and Reggie - I loved these secondary characters and only wish they had played a bigger part, you know me I'm all about the secondary characters. =)
  -Gaming Club - I enjoyed the gaming club meetings and gaming chapters a lot more than Lesh's MMO chapters. I will say for both of them they were really fun I just got bored, I'm reading a contemporary not a fantasy.

Dislikes -
  -The game character chapters - Basically instead of these chapters being from Lesh's POV it switches to his characters, like she is an actual elf and going on quests with these other two characters. At first I was highly amused by this but towards the middle I started dreading the chapters and it made me put down the book a few times to do something more enjoyable. I did get back on track fairly quickly and maybe I'm just dense and didn't realize it before but once I figured out the whole sexuality crisis thing this brought up for Lesh I understood it more, I still didn't love the chapters but I got why they were important. I wish there had been more of a struggle for Lesh sooner on and maybe a few less of these chapters but overall it did help show another part of this story in a very unique way. It was just also kind of annoying and boring.
  -Jelly - I didn't really get what her and Lesh's other friends had to do with the overall story, I mean I guess it was important but I didn't like it...just....okay?

Overall - It's a really good book that deals with some issues you might not realize right away and it does it well with realistic characters and a highly enjoyable plot. =)

Would I Recommend This? Yes.
What would I compare this to? Holders Dominion by Genese Davis
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Yes.

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