Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars(movie review)


So, I finally saw Fault In Our Stars Wednesday and it was just....perfect? I think pretty damn close. Now it has been close to a year since I read the book but from what I remember they didn't really get anything wrong or leave anything important out and I just loved it. I know the question you all have now...Did I cry? No. I am not a big crier I hate crying so I will do anything to stop myself from crying, I have never shed more than one or two tears at a book and never with a movie, I am proud of this. I'm not saying it's weak to cry or something, in fact I love it when a book or movie makes me feel so much that I come close to tears I just hate to cry. Now having said that there was more than one time when I got nice and teary eyed, like the whole second half of the movie, every five minutes, right after I had gotten over the urge to cry something else would happen to make the tears try again. Now I'm not good at reviewing movies and if you've read the book you know what it is all about so this will be pretty quick.
  First of all I've never been a big fan of the actress that plays Hazel (Shailene Woodley) but I must say she was pretty damn perfect as Hazel so I will definitely have to rethink my opinion of her. I can't even talk about Gus okay? I just can't. He was perfect and that's all you need to know. Also Issac, he was like my favorite character in the book and Nat Wolff was pretty freakin awesome as him.

Basically it was all I wanted it to be. It invoked all the lovely, heart wrenching, gut pulling, feelings that one gets when reading the book and I can't wait to see it again and again and again and you get the point, right?

3 Favorite Heart Breaking Almost Made Me Cry Scenes

  3. The scene where Hazel finds out that Gus' cancer is back
 2. The last scene in which Hazel reads Gus' letter
1. The Issac Eulogy Scene, serious this is the one that got me the closest to crying.

3 Favorite Scenes That Were Just Awesome -
  3. The Scene where Hazel yells at Van Houten/the Anne Frank house scene(i couldn't pick between the two!)
 2. The scene where Issac destroys Gus' trophies
1. The scene where they egg Issac's ex's car

So yeah. It's awesome. The perfect book to movie adaption and if you go to see it don't forget your tissues! Also I think I have a movie hangover and an overwhelming need to reread the book! Also, because that's how I roll, I theater hopped and also saw the new X-Men today and wow that was awesome not as awesome and emotionally draining as TFIOS but still awesome. =)

Song Of The Moment - My Good Days by Beth Crowley(This is a song that this awesome artist wrote for Fault In Our Stars make sure to check out the video and you can download the song on Itunes!)

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  1. I cried so hard in the movie HAHA! I'm a huge crier and I cry almost easily in both books and movies! I laughed so hard when Isaac was destroying the trophies in Gus's room :D Glad to know you thought it was awesome as well! Nat Wolff is a great actor and I think I just fell for him when I watched the movie :(((

    1. Me too(Nat Wolff wise)! Yeah a lot of people were crying in my theater and one lady was even passing out little packages of tissues =)

  2. It's not out until the 20th here, *CRIES*, but I am beyond excited to finally see it. I didn't cry at the book but I have a feeling the movie will probably have me sobbing like crazy! :)

    1. That sucks! The movie definitely had me closer to tears than the book did, like I said especially the whole second half! =)