Monday, June 23, 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays #21 - Cover Trends

Song Of The Moment - Forget About Us by Another Lost Year
Hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

 Topic - Ten Book Cover Trends (or just elements of covers) I Like/Dislike {can stick to one or the other or both!}
Thoughts - So Im not really good at identifying trends nor do I really care so I was going to opt out of this weeks TTT but then I decided I might as well still show what I like and I can still give a few examples, right? So here they are.

Picks -

  • I like what I'm going to describe as slightly cartoonish covers like these -
  • I love fantasy landscape covers like these -
  • And other fantasy covers...

  • I like simple covers that really don't have a ton going on but still are perfect for their books, like these-
  • I also like bright colors set against black backgrounds -
  • And anything blue -

  • And I loves me the creepies...

As for trends/covers I dislike I don't really love covers with real models, mainly when you can see their face and especially when they look nothing like how the main character is described, unless it's not supposed to be the main character.

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  1. I really like simple covers too. Sometimes they are the most effective!

  2. I like the minimalist covers the best! With those cartoons? YES. Rainbow Rowell's books have some of my favourite covers of ever. And Tiger Lily made it on my list too...*Swoons for pretty dresses*
    My TTT!

  3. Simple covers made my list too. Sometimes you don't need much, just a title and a little bit of colour. I really like the cartoony type ones too, never thought about that but they are really cool. Great list! :)

    1. Thanks! When I see those covers I just think cartoons or old video games =)

  4. Yesss! I love creepy covers! You should also check out AMITY, SAY HER NAME, and maybe Simon Holt's Devouring trilogy?

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

    1. I love the covers for Say Her Name and Devouring...are you reading my mind? But I actually haven't seen the cover for Amity yet, looking up! =)