Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wiriting Round Up! Update! Finishing Writing A Book!

First of all I finished my first draft of Dragon Heir Book 2-Name in progress! Emergency dance party!
So yeah that was exciting you know as long as I don't think about all the revisions that still wait for me....on the upside I really really love the last chapter I wrote, spoiler alert I'm really into the evilness of cliff hangers...I have all the power!

In other news....Camp NaNoWriMo starts in a couple days!!!
Here I have a post about my nerves when facing my first Camp Session
and Here I have a post about finally figuring out what to write!

In more news I am doing a 100,000 word summer! I wanted a goal to focus on this summer but not one so big that I would get overly stressed and so I decided on 100,000 Word Summer for more info click here.

100,000 Word Summer -
Word Goal: 100,000 words
Words Written This Week: 15,829
Words Written Overall: 27,783
Words To Go: 72,217

All The Writing Posts From This Month! - Honestly I started a lot more Writing Posts I just haven't finished them so hopefully they'll be posted next month!

- Procrastinating
Camp NaNo What To Write?
- Camp NaNo Deciding What To Write

My NaNo Profile

Learn All About Camp NaNo Here!

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