Friday, July 4, 2014

Book Law 101 -The Reading Slumps Plague Is At It Again

The Culprits
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The Crimes
    • Ignite Me is being charged with one count of The Book Slumps wherein it's sheer awesomeness has infected an innocent civilian with a plague know to all as the Reading Slumps (gasps from the audience fills the court room)
    • Victim Statement - I was alone in my room when I was viciously attacked and infected. Not five minutes before I had finished Unravel Me and was not even given the basic right to recover from all that happened in that book before I was set upon by Ignite Me! It's cruel cruel torture! (the victim starts sobbing while the courtroom fills with the sounds of hundreds of readers booing)
    • Will Grayson, Will Grayson is being charged with one count of The Book Slumps wherein it's sheer funniness tormented it's victim into thinking it had gotten rid of the Reading Slump plague only to infect her once again when it was done with her.
    • Victim Statement - I just want to feel okay again!
So there you have it, live from the courtroom, Book Law 101, thank you.
Stay tuned to find out if the Culprits get put behind bars...where they belong.(Seriously though I wont be doing a second post, draw your own conclusions)

The writers at Book Law 101 want to know the last book to infect you with this horrible plague?

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