Thursday, July 31, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo: The Last Update...The End Of An Era...And Wining

This month has been awesome. Camp was better than I ever thought. Full of awesome cabin mates, 50k weeks, feral plot bunnies, missed bonfires, tents made of words and finally the ceremonial burning of the cabin. Meanwhile my writing was full of plot holes, long and short words, run on and incomplete sentences, kickass characters and more than one or two betrayals. In short it was fun and awesome and I couldn't have asked for a better virtual camp experience.
I would like to thank my cabin mates, more speficially Phrye Song, todreamistowonder and Nyx’sReincarnation, for fun filled nights missing the bonfire, plots for burning down cabin, fighting off rabid plot bunnies and most importantly helping me name my character, Banana Sundae.
Unfortunately this month was also filled with days, nay weeks, without internet and very little reading opurtinties but more on that later!
Let's talk words...word count goals that is.
Now a normal NaNoWriMo chalenges you to write 50,000 words(the average lenght of a novel) in one month. I set my goal as 65,000 not wanting to scare myself off with a ginormous goal...well I met it and I just kept on running past it.
I also did a 50k week, yeah that was fun...sorta.
Here are my final numbers! -

Word Goal: 65,000
Words Written Overall: 101,547

Let's talk about what I wrote. Now I went in this month planing on writing a companion novel of sorts to the main series I am writing, well it was really short. Which is fine, it wasn't supposed to be long. It ended up being only 12,500 words!
So, I had to figure out something else to write, fast! So I turned to Hunters Of Artemis, which is an idea I've been fooling around with for a while now and so I wrote that, it took up most of my 50k week and I finished it(50,417 words). But the month wasn't over!
So I had to find something else to work on. I finally decided to go with War Of Queens, which if you've kept up with my writing updates you might know is the book I wrote for NaNoWriMo last November and it was a hot mess. This book didn't need revisions, it needed to be scraped and rewritten. So I finally started on that...but I got about halfway and got stuck again. I just didn't like how it was turning out once more and I didn't want to waste time rewriting something I still wouldn't be happy with. So I put it on hold again. That was around 33,000 words.
Most recently I've been working on something I call Devils Dice, which I'm really enjoying writing, and so that was another 6,000 or so words.

Well this is the end of my writing journey this month. After spending a good two weeks catching up on reading I plan to jump right into revisions on Dragon Heir book 1, followed by Dragon Heir book 2 and then Hunters Of Artemis, all the while continuing to write Devils Dice. My future seems bleak at the moment...

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  1. Aw, camp sounds like it was so, so fun! I just love the idea, I am so glad it went so well for you. I am so impressed that you wrote so much in ONE month! My goodness, that is a LOT of words. (I am pretty sure I wrote about 20, then erased 10 of them.) Congrats on an awesome month and camp!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I'm also surprised and impressed that I wrote that many words, I did not plan on it! =)