Sunday, July 20, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo update #5- Week 3? And No Internet

Okay so with limited to no internet access this post is going to be really short! Basically I am in the middle of a 50k week which is where you try and write 50,000 words (a normal goal for the whole month of camp) in 7 days! I'm on track but sleep deprived.

Also since I set my word count kinda low and then decided to do this 50k week I met my goal of 65,000 words yesterday! I am still going to continue writing as much as possible all the way until the end of the month though so yeah. Wednesday whether I complete my 50k week or not I will do an update all about it. So now the word counts!

Word Goal: 65,000
Words Written This Week: 31,652
Words Written Overall: 68,644
Words To Go: 0

100,000 Word Summer - click here for info
Words Written This Week: 31,652
Words Written Overall: 96,427
Words To Go: 3,573

So like I've said I have no internet! Which will hopefully lead to less distractions so I'm going to go ahead and say something crazy and say that I am officially going to try and make it from 68,644 my current NaNo count all the way to 100,000 words! Crazy,right? But I'm enjoying changeling myself so much this month and this is the next step sooooo...
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