Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fangirls Spotlight #4: Announcing July's Spotlight!

Spotlight On: *drum roll* Jodi Lynn Anderson

Who is Jodi Lynn Anderson - An awesome author.

7514925About her books - Now this author isn't quiet as unknown as others but she's not as popular as she should be, her book Tiger Lily is a heartbreaking master piece! She also wrote a trilogy of contemporaries that I can't wait to get to called Peaches and her new book The vanishing Season comes out this month!

What Spotlight posts can be expected this month?
Re-read + review of Tiger Lily
Read and review of the entire Peaches trilogy
Read and review of The Vanishing Season
A quotes video for Tiger Lily
Playlists - one for Tiger Lily, one for Peaches and one for Vanishing Season

-Warning - I am going to be busy this month I have NaNoWriMo and family things, now I am hoping I can do all of this in one month but if not some of the posts might be pushed back, sorry. =(

The Not A Giveaway =( - As for right now I don't think I can afford to do a giveaway this month, I kinda wanted to do a box full of Jodi giveaway with a copy of all three book in the Peaches trilogy, Tiger Lily and Vanishing Season and then I considered just a copy or two of Tiger Lily but I am seriously broke at the moment and saving every penny that I do have. SO I hope you're still interested in Fangirls Spotlight this month because I do have some awesome posts lined up!

Click on the tab up top for more info on Fangirls Spotlight and make sure check back throughout the month for more awesome posts!


  1. That Tiger Lily cover is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your reviews.

    1. It is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!