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ARC Review: The Bridge From Me To You by Lisa Schroeder

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18520398The Bridge From Me To You
by Lisa Schroeder
Release date: July 29th
How I got it - Review copy from Netgalley
Genre: YA Contemporary
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Description -
Lauren has a secret. Colby has a problem. But when they find each other, everything falls into place. 

Lauren is the new girl in town with a dark secret. Colby is the football hero with a dream of something more. In alternating chapters, they come together, fall apart, and build something stronger than either of them thought possible--something to truly believe in.

I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley to review honestly

My Rating: 4 stars - I thoroughly enjoyed it

Review: This is short easy read about finding yourself, about football, about first love, and pain. I read this in a manner of a couple hours and while it's not the best thing I've ever read I really enjoyed it. There's plenty of pulling on your heart strings moments and I really enjoyed both characters and I loved how fast paced it was. Each chapter was no more than four or five pages long(my ARC ebook copy) and that made it fast paced and easy to devour in a few short hours.

  Both the main characters have their own sets of problems, they're likable and have faults, I really enjoyed reading about them both. There was a fairly nice set of side characters but I feel like non of them got enough attention. Benny was my favorite and I would have liked to see a bit more of his friendship with Colby.

  Lauren's chapters are told in verse, beautiful verse and I loved every minute of them. Colby's chapters were maybe a little bit better, because I loved him, and also because you got to see a bit more in his chapters. I loved Colby's friendship with Benny and all of his family issues, I loved seeing him finally stand up to his father and I loved his fascination with bridges. Lauren was a good character but I wanted just a little more depth to her character, I get all her problems with her mom and little brother and I loved how gradually that was all revealed but at the same time I wanted to see her relationship with her aunt and uncle and cousins and even with her mom and brother just a little bit more. I also really enjoyed the romance for the most part, I liked that it was kind of in the background throughout most of the book and it was in small but important ways that they helped shape each other.

   Overall this was a good short read, there was nothing that I really disliked or hated about this book, I just enjoyed it. I feel with a little more depth it could have been a bit better but overall it's a really good book.

Would I Recommend This? Yes
Who To? Anyone looking for a short fast paced contemporary
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Yes.

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