Friday, August 29, 2014

August Wrap Up and Update! +Epic Box Of Awesome Giveaway Winner!

Song Of The Moment- Forever Halloween by The Maine

On The Blog -

Fangirls Spotlight - Was a complete failure this month because of things I had no control of and have decided not to go into detail over. So hopefully next month will be better!

Writing - I didn't get a lot of writing done this month because I was recovering from Camp NaNo, but I did discuss Critique Partners and The Night Of Writing Dangerously if you want to check those out! I am deeming next month the Month Of Revisions so I'm looking forward to that!

Reviews - I loved The Right Song by Shane Morgan, hated a Peter Pan retelling called Neverland, was disappointed with Isla and The Happily Ever After. ARC wise I reviewed The Before Now and After Then, The Bridge From Me To You, and Killer Instinct. I also discussed some of the pros and cons of ARCS!

A Few Last Highlights - I did Bout Of Books 11! I also went to the YA Summer Road Trip signing! And reviewed the Divergent Movie!

Coming Next Month...
  • A brand new Fangirls Spotlight that will hopefully be more successful!
  • I have some hopefully awesome writing related posts planned!
  • And I actually have some Fangirls Anonymous posts planned this month too! It's pretty shocking actually... =)
  • TTT and WoW - I shall be better and do these every week this month! Probably!
In My Life - I thought I'd update you on my life real fast!
So...since I'm forgoing college this year my life is fairly boring while I mostly focus on my writing, but I do have a few things that are worth mentioning!
  • Linkin Park Concert! I am so excited to be going to the Linkin Park concert on the 19th! They are one of my favorite bands and my brothers and I are driving down for it so it's going to be a blast!
  • I'm house sitting for a friend of my moms for like two weeks starting the 20th(cutting it close I know) which I am officially calling my "writers retreat", so I hope to be getting a lot of writing done then and plus I'm getting paid and since I have no job to speak of that's a good thing. =)
  • Job search! I am fairly certain we are reaching the part where my mom starts yelling at me to get a there's that.
  • Also, my brother needs to have surgery done on his jaw but can't get in until the end of October so long story short we're on a soft food diet...which is...epic?
So that's my life, how's yours?

So you may know I've had a giveaway for a box of awesome going on all month and it is finally time to announce the winner!
Thank you all so much for entering!
So the lucky winner of my box full of awesome which include these four signed books -

....Drum Roll....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be on the lookout for an email from me( and if you don't respond within 48hours I will have to pick a new winner! So respond!

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  1. You are going to the Linkin Park concert! That's so amazing. Take a pic or two for me, will ya? :D Have fun there! :) Also I know how it is when you have a writing block but take your time! ;) I hope that your brother's surgery will go well and that everything will be fine! Great post :)

    1. Yes I'll take lots of pictures! I'm seriously so excited!
      Thank you. =)