Monday, August 18, 2014

Bout Of Books 11 Day One - Challenges!

Bout of Books

So I wasn't sure I was going to do the challenges, but it sounded like too much fun not to!

Playlist Challenge hosted by Lulo Fangirl - So with this you just had to make a playlist of at least 5 songs inspired by one of the books you are going to be reading for Bout Of Books and then you just comment with it but I thought I'd share it here too!

Since I am currently reading: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix vol. 1 by Shiro Amano
I decided to go with Disney Songs!

1. I’m Still Here by John Rezeznik
2. Go The Distance by Roger Bart
3. One Jump Ahead by Brad Kane
4. Under The Sea by Samuel E. Wright
5. This Is Home by Switchfoot

Book Scavenger Hunt hosted by The Book Monsters - Where in you most find the following! So I did the first one I could spot on my shelves for each one and so they may seem kinda random and I'm just taking covers from Goodreads!

1. A Book that begins with “B”  (for Bout of Books!) - Black Water by D.j. MacHale(the fifth Pendragon book)

2. A book that has been made into a movie/tv show - I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore


3. A series you love - Chronicles Of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon (I actually took a picture for this one!)
P.s. My mom's borrowing Infinity

4. An anthology of poems or short stories - Not gonna lie this took some digging. Shards and Ashes!

5. A book on your TBR shelf, or your full TBR shelves - This is most of my TBR shelf...The whole shelf not just what's stacked on top....though there are some movies hidden behind books on the top shelf....

Well that was loads of fun! Here are my stats for the day -

2294528Day One Of Bout Of Book 11 -

Currently Reading: Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones(I'm just about to start this)

Pages Read Today:  320

Pages Read Overall: 320

Books Completed:
Illusion(Chronicles of Nick book 5) (48 pages) - I finished this early this morning so it does count!

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Vol. 1(272 pages)

So, are you doing Bout Of Books this week? 
How much have you read today? I want to know!

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  1. Have you read the Pendragon series? I've been wanting to check that out!

    My Challenge-

    1. Yes I have! The whole series, it starts off slow but it's a pretty awesome series, I hope you do check it out! =)

  2. LOL I've been racking my brain about anthologies now. I don't think I have read one since high school or something, but yeah. Anyhow your TBR pile looks familiar to me. I know the feeling. Good luck with the challenge :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah I don't really read anthologies I only bought that one because it has a story by Veronica Roth and I didn't even read it all the way!