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Bout Of Books 11 - Wrap Up!

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Bout of Books

So Bout Of Books 11 is over... =( But I had loads of fun and am really happy with the reading I got done this week and now I'm ready to jump back into my revisions! So that's good! Let's take a look at my goals for Bout Of Books and my original TBR!

My Goals: To read...a lot. I would like to finish 5 books over the week. My average per week fluctuates but 5 sounds good, right?
So let's say 1,500 pages? I don't actually have all the books I'm reading at the moment so I'm not positive of their page counts but this sounds..reasonable?

My Daily Reading Goals: Umm. A book a day!(then I can read 7!)

My Posts: I'll probably do small daily updates!

Books To Read:
The Eragon...series? quartet? wait I got it: The Inheritance Cycle! I'm planning on reading all four books which I just bought because I saw a review or something for them and it got me thinking...why haven't I read this yet? I mean it's fantasy, about dragons and that's all I want in my life! I haven't even seen the movie! All  know about this series in there are dragons, there was a movie that failed and in the movie there was an Avril Lavigne song.

Howl's Moving Castle - Because I just bought this and I really really want to read it!

So yeah there was that.
Let's see...Read 5 Books? Check! I read 7 and a half! 1,500 pages? I read 2,235 so..check! A Book a day? While I did read 7 books this is technically a no because one day I barely read anything, like a chapter I think? So no. Daily Updates? Check...the blog was kinda boring this week because I mainly did updates and challenges!(Check them out here!) About the TBR...I read Howl's Moving Castle and then lots of other books... =)

15745753Here are my stats for the Week!

Currently Reading: Elanor & Park (222 pages read, I didn't finish this in time!)

Pages Read Overall: 2,235

Books Completed:
Illusion(Chronicles of Nick book 5) (48 pages) - I finished this early the first morning so it totally counts!

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Vol. 1(272 pages)

Howls Moving Castle(429 pages)

Fairy Tail vol. 1 (208 pages)

The Iron Trial (304 pages)

The Young World (384 pages)

Fan Art (368 pages)


So, How was your Bout Of Books? To you meet your goals? I want to know!

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