Thursday, August 28, 2014

Films For Thoughts Thursday: Divergent

So, I'm going to be linking up to Reviews From A Bookworm for Film For Thoughts Thursday, I think this is a really awesome feature and the only reason I don't link up more often is that as much as I love movies I don't think I would be good at reviewing them beyond book-to-movie adaptions. But it is a meme wherein every Thursday you review a movie! So let's talk Divergent!

So I wasn't planing on reviewing this movie but I finally watched it and I have lots of thoughts on it so here we go!

Warning! Do not read if you have not seen the movie or read the book! Spoilers Ahead!!!!!

My initial thoughts are that it was dull and boring. I honestly don't know how it was over 2 hours long! It felt like next to nothing happened! I thought of many things they missed or messed up and I don't know what they did to make it so loooong! I literally fell asleep the first night I tried to watch it and had to watch the end the next night.
   I'll start off by saying that I loved Four and Tris for the most part, Caleb and Christina too. I didn't really like the people playing Eric and Peter mainly though because they didn't seem creepy and...mean and violent enough to me. Also like all three actors plating Will, Al, and Peter looked pretty much the same! I've read the book and had issues figuring out who was who, my brother was so very confused as he hasn't read the books. Also, Edward is mentioned once or twice, no Uriah(which I knew going into it but still pisses me off because he's my favorite character) no Lynn, no Zeke(at least they aren't mentioned by name from what I saw). Basically all the side characters, sucked. They didn't get enough screen time, I wasn't surprised or horrified when Al almost kills(so no almost rape? Understandable.) Tris, I wasn't devastated when she killed Will...I felt nothing and my brother who hasn't read the book so didn't see it coming, didn't even realize that(Will and Tris) were friends or who Al was!
  Four was badass, Tris was meh. A lot of her fighting scenes sucked, they were so lame. I don't know what was going on with what they did with her mom(the way she snuck in to see Tris) but it was overly dramatic and don't even get me started on the scene where her mom dies. She's cradling her body, while getting shot at and she screams at them to "Stop. Stop!" I literally started laughing hysterically, like you couldn't convince Will to back off, your mom was just killed by these people and so you scream at them to stop. It was dramatic and just so lame.
  I really don't know how this movie was so long, I can't comprehend it. They spent next to no time on any of the friendships or side characters, there wasn't even much time spent on Four and her relationship. If I remember correctly(it's been awhile since I've read the book) they skipped a few of her fears and they didn't explain that whole thing well, I had to pause the movie to explain it to my brother and dear lord let's not discuss the horribleness of the scene where her fear is being "intimate" with Four...just so very cringe worthy.

Overall - While not as bad as Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince or Percy Jackson, it was no Hunger Games. It was just boring in my opinion and this book should not have made a boring movie.

Have you seen Divergent? Thoughts? 
Can we please discuss? 
Mainly the atrocious fear of intimacy scene?

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  1. HAHA! YES! Those actors looked far too alike, I struggled so much with who was who at times. Sometimes they would change to another actor and I wouldn't even realise that someone else was talking. Bad casting choice on that, haha.

    I was upset they missed out Uriah, not sure why they decided not to include him. They also didn't really focus on anyone but Tris and Four. Doesn't really feel like you get to know the other characters very much.

    I think you have raised a lot of issues I had with it, but I enjoyed the movie when I saw it at the cinema. My boyfriend enjoyed it too, which I was not expecting. But, once I got it on DVD and rewatched it - I wasn't anywhere near as impressed and didn't enjoy it as much. I noticed more issues with it then I had on the first watch.

    I really think they needed to spend more time building up Tris's relationship with characters. She comes across like she didn't really have a connection to anyone except for. Means Will's death will have way less of an impact.

    Brilliant review! :)

    1. Exactly! Yeah I think this might be one of those movies that it's best to see in theaters. Also I heard that they might be putting Uriah in the second movie and it's like isn't that kind of pointless?

  2. This is so, so true. I mean, I kind of liked the movie, at least parts of it. But the thing that got me was adding the whole extra Jeanine Matthews nonsense just so Kate Winslet had more screen time. And I just don't think that Shailene was Tris at all. I don't even think it was her acting, just that she plain old couldn't be Tris. Bad casting, really. Four was too old too, and I agree with you- the supporting cast was kind of dull.

    After reading this, I have to say, you've made me think, and you're right- this was NOT as exciting as it could have or should have been. While I found it to be okay, it should have been FAR better than okay.

    And I still can't help but wonder... if this movie was dull, what on earth will happen with Allegiant!? Great review!!

    1. Great point! I was so confused by how much Jeanine was in it, but I think you're right it was so Kate Winslet had more parts! And, like who picked the cast? You should all be fired!
      Yeah I just think a Divergent movie should have been fast paced and action packed and this wasn't.
      And how are they going to turn Allegiant into two movies!? =)

  3. Sooooo I only watched Divergent, but from reading your post, I'm guessing that only watching it WILL NOT GIVE THE BOOK JUSTICE. So I will go back and read it soon!

    1. Yes the movie does not give it justice what so ever! =)