Monday, August 11, 2014

Let's Talk: To ARC Or Not To ARC

I think we can all agree that it is supremely awesome to get ARCs(Advance Reader/Review Copies) it's one of the coolest perks of being a book reviewer, I know personally every time I am granted access to one on NetGalley a nice happy feeling fills my stomach and I get oh so excited to read this book before it comes out. On top of that it helps get traffic to your blog and can help you connect with authors for guest posts and what not. Now recently I have seen tons of posts about bloggers who have too many ARCs and are so very behind on reviews and the pros and cons of review copies mainly being that you tend to not have time for new releases and your TBR pile because you're constantly reading review copies instead, but today I want to talk about why I didn't request Heir Of Fire among other books. First of all I doubt that I would have been approved for it anyways but this isn't about that it's about why I wouldn't have wanted it anyways. Just to be clear I am in no way looking down on people who did get advanced copies of this or anything else.

My thing is, with getting Advanced copies sometimes I think you miss out, on the stalking the internet for every little tiny bit of information about a book, of anxiously awaiting along with thousands of other fans, of that feeling of excitement the morning it comes out and you drive to the book store and the moment of bliss when it is finally in your hands, of all the hundreds of tweets that fill your notifications bar of all of your book friends also being super excited that it's finally here!
Now in no way am I saying I would never want any review copy of any kind I still love ARCs, mainly I'm saying I wouldn't want one of one of my favorite series. I got an advanced copy of Enchanter Heir last year and Comic Con and I was beyond excited to get it early and I loved every minute of reading it just the same but then I missed out on the excitement of it's release date, even more so with Cress which I also got at Comic Con last year and then earlier this year everyone was so excited that it was finally out and for me it was just another day.
What I am saying is I love going to the book store the first thing in the morning the day a book is released when it's one of my all time favorite series and I have been waiting forever to read it, I love seeing it for the first time on the shelf in the store, quietly stalking towards it, sending bedroom eyes it's way, dreaming about undressing it(okay maybe that's a little awkward) and then finally getting my hands on it. Then there's the slightly giddy feeling of walking to the checkout counter cradling(am I spelling this right? I hope so.) it like a baby in your arms, the slightly crazy look in your eyes as you pay for it and then finally you get home, lock the door and just dive in. You tweet along with hundreds of other fans as they screech that it's finally here!
So yeah. I love advanced reader copies but I think that there's a little bit more magic to be found waiting until the day it comes out. Of course I would never stop reading Advanced copies and except for my favorite series I would never even consider not trying to request the book I'm just saying I don't want to lose all the magic of release day either. =)

So what are your thoughts? Do you love release day excitement or do you prefer to preorder and have books delivered? Do you sometimes pass on an ARC so that you can wait for it along with everyone else or am I the only crazy person?

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  1. Replies
    1. Lots of people want to meet him and I've read none of his books!

  2. Take this with a grain of salt because I haven't actually read an ARC yet, but I have mixed feelings about ARCs.

    I love that they help get a lot of buzz out there and hearing about them helps me know what new releases are probably worth my time. However, I think that seeing reviews of ARCs can taint my opinion of a book before I even get a chance to pick it up. If people are disappointed with an ARC, my excitement for that title may wane a little (or a lot). If people are really excited about it, I have to remember to check my expectations when I read it so the hype doesn't ruin it. This also happens when I'm just really late to start a book/series, but it doesn't bother me as much with already released books because it was my choice to not have access to them yet.

    I personally haven't requested any ARCs (except through LibraryThing and Goodreads' giveaways) because I don't want to be in a situation where I feel like I have to read something by a certain time. And I don't want to be one of those people complaining that I have too many because I get frustrated hearing that from people. However, there are a couple of specific ARCs that I would probably kill for right now (Clariel by Garth Nix and A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab). I would love to have a chance to read these before other reviewers have a chance to skew my perception of them.

    Sorry for the rambling response, but yeah.

    1. You make very good points! I just think they're can be a darker side to ARCs. =)

  3. I've requested a decent amount of ARCS, but I don't have a staggering amount luckily, plus most of them are for september, so I have time. Honestly, I think I would feel more excited if I got a printed ARC, but for now I only get digital. I've read a number of bad ARCs, and they made me more picky for requests, but sometimes, I get this AMAZING one.

    But yeah, ARCs are pretty cool if they're good. I like seeing them on shelves, because then I'll think to myself "wow I read that already, I'm so cool" LOL. And since I usually don't receive ARCS of my most anticipated books (sad life), I don't get the problem of not having to wait for it.

    Also, definitely would want to meet Rainbow Rowell in real life, or Marissa Meyer, or Leigh Bardugo.

    1. "wow I read that already, i'm so cool" Ha. That is a good thought to experience!
      I would love/die to meet Rainbow Rowell! I've actually met Marissa Meyer and she's super sweet! =)