Friday, August 22, 2014

Bout Of Books Day 5 -Update and Challenges: Wherein I Suck At Drawing

Song Of The Moment: My Good Days by Beth Crowley

Bout of Books


1. Recreate A Cover Challenge hosted by Spines and Covers - Wherein you recreate a cover, you can draw it, photoshop it, do whatever you want basically.

So this I decided to draw and I can't all. On the upside I got to use my brothers fancy art paper and that was fun! I decided to do Fault In Our Stars because I thought it would be easy. =)
So as you can see my picture is quite a bit different than the cover (ahem), don't you like the fancy markers I used? So yeah. Originally I was going to do epic stick figures but apparently I suck at drawing stick figures(they looked horribly deformed) though I must say it takes a certain level of skill to suck at drawing stick figures.
So yeah. Was it highly original? No. But it still counts and you may have noticed I added a quote from Beth Crowley's song inspired by Fault In Our Stars("You Were Everyone Of My Good Days") so check out the full song here!

You must link four books by using the last word of the previous title to the first word of the next one. To start, pick a book (ANY book; your choice!) and start linking! A, An, and The don't count, so if your book starts with one of those, just use the next word. To make this challenge tougher, you can decide to only use books you've read within the last twelve months - but that's not a requirement.

This was kinda hard in fact I stole a book from my moms shelf to finish!

Promise Of Shadows -we are ignoring the s at the end of shadow


Here are my stats for the day!

Day Four Of Bouts Of Book 11 - So I was bad I read like 1(?) chapter today...which I'm not counting yet because my kindle doesn't like to count pages in my EARCs and it's just easier to count it after I finish the book...Okay? Still I'm doing pretty good towards my goals so...yeah. =)

Currently Reading: The Young World by Chris Weitz(45% read)

Books Read Today:

Pages Read Today:

Pages Read Overall: 1261

Books Completed:
Illusion(Chronicles of Nick book 5) (48 pages) - I finished this early the first morning so it totally counts!

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Vol. 1(272 pages)

Howls Moving Castle(429 pages)

Fairy Tail vol. 1 (208 pages)

The Iron Trial (304)


So, are you doing Bout Of Books this week? 
Are you meeting your goals? I want to know!

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  1. Your draw didn't turn out bad. I liked the fact that you used sentences form the books. :)

    Did you enjoy "Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Vol. 1"? I have been dying to read it. So much love for the game.

    Good readings.

    1. Kingdom Hearts was pretty awesome, it's my first Kingdom Hearts graphic novel but I really enjoyed it! And thanks!

  2. Aw I like it! You did good! I can't draw stick figures either, but I find that to be WHY I draw them. People will think I am being ironic or something, when really I just am the worst "artist" in the history of art.