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Fangirls Spotlight: ARC Review: Get Happy by Mary Amato

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Back in March I did a pre-review of this book - here - and now it is finally time for the full review!

Get Happy
by Mary Amato
Release date: Oct. 28th
How I got it - Review copy from Netgalley
Genre: YA Contemporary
Goodreads Link
Description -

In this poignant, realistic, contemporary YA by a state master list star, perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Gayle Forman, a young songwriter builds a substitute family with her friends in place of the broken family she grew up with.

A hip high school girl who loves music, writes songs, and is desperate for a ukelele, learns to her shock that her father did not abandon her years ago and has been trying to keep in touch. She begins to investigate him, only to discover that he has a new life with a new family, including the perfect stepdaughter, a girl who Minerva despises.

I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley to review honestly

My Rating: 5 stars - I really loved it!

So when I first heard this book was coming out I definitely had very high expectations, I loved Guitar Notes so very much and I was expecting this to be just as good if not better. Having said that...this book is everything I wanted it to be and a little more. This book is a fun easy read that is absolutely amazingly awesome. I loved everything about it and can't seem form coherent thoughts to put into sentences for this review but I will try.
This book is about a girl named Minerva and her journey to, basically, understand what family means. She's grown up believing that her dad abandoned her and her mom when she was only two years old, never payed child support, and never tried to contact her, basically forgot all about her. She thinks she is perfectly content with this, she pretends that her dad is some kind of drug selling, addict criminal and she's fine with that. Until her 16th birthday when a package arrives from her dad opening all the old wounds. She tries to hate him and ignore it all focusing on her friends and her new job until it all comes to a head. This book is about friendship and family, ukuleles and the power of music.

Let's Talk:

Characters -
  One thing I love about this author is she creates some of the funnest most lovably quirky characters I have ever read, Tripp(from Guitar Notes), remains my favorite but all of the characters in this book come really close.

  Minerva is awesome. She obviously has some issues and sometimes she's a little selfish but not so much that you hate her because it's only once in a while not constantly. She's funny and weird and I loved her so much. Of course, I loved her songs that are interspersed throughout the book, it's probably my favorite part, but more than that I loved  her relationship with Fin.

Fin is her best friend and possibly my favorite character, while he is the one that doesn't care what people think of him and is outgoing and all he's still so unique. I loved their friendship and that it never became something more because it was perfect the way it was. They make up songs together, and sing random things, they share a locker and do things like spray tanning that gives them pumpkin faces, or buy an exercise tape and detox foot patches that give them hives. In my mind these things perfectly summarize their friendship and this was my favorite aspect of the book(besides the music).
 Hayes - Fin and Minerva kind of adopt him into their group when they all get jobs at Get Happy(where they dress up in costumes and host kids birthday parties). Of course, a relationship blooms between Hayes and Min eventually but it's slow and sweet, so very sweet. Hayes has this list of ten things he wants to do before his birthday, like new years resolutions, and Minerva decides to help with this and that also makes for some of my favorite parts.

   Other characters - Minervas'  mom was okay, not very likable, but she wasn't supposed to be, and she played her part perfect. I really liked the character of Minerva's aunt Joan though I wish she had been in it a little bit more. I also felt that Cassie's character could have played a bigger part, but these are just small things that don't really effect my overall feeling of this book which is obsessive love.

The Writing - The writing is great, but the songs are the best part(in my humble opinion).

The overall story - While this book was fun and adorable, full of quirky characters and lots of snark, it's also about finding yourself and figuring out who you are. Minerva is afraid that she has bad genes, and she definitely has her share of problems, and I loved this deeper side of this character and this book just as much as the parts that had me laughing out loud.

Overall - I loved this book so bad. It's great and awesome and if you want something that is great and awesome and fun and a fast read, pick this up! Because even though it's a fast easy read the story is still great and you will not be disappointed because it's...awesome. The only thing I didn't like about this book is the fact that it ended. And that I can't think of a word besides awesome to describe it. =)

Would I Recommend This? Yes! Especially if you read and loved Guitar Notes. Also, if you're a fan of Lemonade Mouth by Mark Peter Hughes. Or if you love contemporary books and music. So, basically just read this book, you must.
Who To? Well I would like to force every stranger on the street to read it.... but if you want specifics any fan of fun YA contemporary and anyone who loves a musical theme in a book.
Will I read more from this author(or series)? duh.

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  1. I'm so so so happy that you loved this one! I have read it and I totally agree with you. There are some amazing characters here and Minerva was really easy to connect to. Also the whole story was so real and so easy to imagine. Great review :)

  2. I haven't read Guitar Notes but this still sounds awesome! Quirky and awesome characters?!! Yusss please. I'm glad it lived up to all your expectations (and exceeded them!) too. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

  3. Okay, I am going to be honest- I shied away from this one (and Guitar Notes) because I am scared of music. I don't "get" music. Sure, I like music, in general, but I don't want to know much about MAKING music. BUT. The characters sound so good, and you haven't steered me wrong before, so yeah. I think I am going to need to read this one! Such a great review, I am glad you loved it :)