Monday, September 22, 2014

Fangirls Spotlight: Get Happy by Mary Amato: A Video Reveal...

So do you remember when I promised you awesome secret posts? And then a couple weeks ago I shared my Interview with Mary Amato? Well here's the other secret post and it's even more exciting!

It's A Video Reveal!

Guys I am so excited to share this with you! Mary Amato(author of Guitar Notes and the upcoming Get Happy) who is also this month's Fangirls Spotlight was kind enough to offer me the chance to reveal a video of one of the songs from Get Happy! I'm not scared to admit that I think this is the coolest thing I have ever had on the blog!

About The Video Reveal

As you may know from my spotlight, Mary Amato (author of Guitar Notes) has a new YA coming out on October 28 about a 16-year-old singer-songwriter called Get Happy. The story chronicles Minerva's painful journey to decide whether or not to reconnect with a father who left her when she was young. Amato is also a songwriter, so she wrote six songs that appear in the book for readers to enjoy. This time, she teamed up with young performing artist Jamey Geston ( ) who is recording videos of the six songs in preparation for the book's release. Jamey will turn sixteen in October!

Here's the video reveal of the latest Get Happy song that Jamey just recorded. This song is called Secrets.

Secrets is the fourth song from Mary Amato's novel Get Happy. In this video, 15-year-old Jamey Geston is performing the song. You can find out more about Jamey on her website: Words and music for Secrets are by Mary Amato. The book will be out on October 28th and will have six songs in all. Amato will put up lyrics, chords, and how-to-play videos on the website after the book comes out. 

The Luna ukulele that Geston is playing in this video will be offered as a giveaway through Amato's site. Stay tuned for the book, the music, and more at Amato's site: and/or through twitter.

 *Picture in the middle is of Jamey Geston who preforms the songs from Get Happy!*


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