Friday, September 19, 2014

How To: Dye Your Hair An Unnaturally Bright Color

So In my experience quite a few nerds(both bookish and otherwise) love to dye their hair bright colors. I've been to Comic-Con twice and both times there were hundreds of people with awesome bright colored hair. Now I've been dying my hair since I was fourteen(so around 4 years) when I first started putting in bright colors I went to a salon and had it done, so that is where I learned how to do it. Last week I dyed my natural brown hair(which was part purple, part red, part another 10 colors as it has been awhile since I last dyed it) black before bleaching my bangs and one thick streak which I then dyed orange(because Halloween). SO I thought I would share some of my tips on dying your hair bright colors!
Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures because I hate taking pictures of myself. =)

Basically, you want to dye your hair because you're a badass.

And I'm going to teach how to dye your hair like a boss.

Colors I have dyed my hair(in order) -
- Blue(streaks)
- Blue (streaks, again)
- Purple(streaks)
- Green(streaks)
- Red (streaks)
- Red and gold(blond) (streaks)
- Pink and blue (whole top layer and bangs)
-Red and black (all black top layer red)
-Purple, blue and black(top layer black, middle purple, bottom blue) -this one lasted about a year, I kept redoing the same colors
-Plain black
-Dark red
-Black and Orange- Now

So the first question I want to address is the whole, dying is bad for your hair. Well I've been dying my hair for like four years now, usually every three months, and it's still perfectly healthy. Sometimes right after dyeing it will be dried out but that only lasts about a week and then it's fine! Now this is just my personal experience and I definitely wouldn't recommend dyeing it more often than every three or four months.

1. First I recommend Splat brand dye because with my medium brown, super thick hair it is the only thing that has ever worked and it lasts months and fades nicely. As you can see from my list of hair colors I haven't dyed my hair purple since...I want to say November and still both times my black and red faded the purple started to show through again, which is crazy.

2. Bleach! I also recommend that unless you have blond hair or extremely light brown hair you bleach, because if you don't it wont be nearly as bright in color and may not take at all.
  1. Now for bleach just be careful and smart, read through the directions, don't let it touch too much skin and keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn your hair. I use the bleach that comes with the splat dye and have never been burned on skin or hair.
  2. Also, if you are only doing streaks or highlights use foil to separate it! It's a pain in the a$$  but it's important. You can buy salon foil on amazon, then you use a comb, fold the edge of the foil over the comb and use it as a handle and to help you with folding the foil around the hair. It's not going to look pretty with all the foil in your hair, but it's important.
  3. Now with bleach it really depends on how dark your hair is for how long you need to leave it in. Most recommend that you don't leave it in for more than an hour, so for instance with my multicolored black hair I had to it twice, leaving it in the first time for an hour, rinsing it out and then a second time for about thirty minutes.
  4. Again  remember that you want it really light if you're going through all the trouble of bleaching because the lighter it is the brighter the color.
 3. Now for the coloring of the hair -
  1. Wash your hair before hand with only shampoo and blow dry with nothing beyond your heat protectant. This leaves your hair dry and makes it easier for the dye to take.
  2. Do not skimp on the dye, use the whole bottle and apply a lot to every piece of hair! Also run a comb through it to make sure it gets on every strand.
  3. Again use foil if you are only doing chunks of your hair.
  4. Let is sit for a good 2 hours, it will look better and last longer the longer you leave the dye in.
  5. rinse and rejoice.
Random tidbits -
  • Use color safe shampoo and conditioner! If you don't it will fade really fast.
  • Hot water also makes the dye fade faster.

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The final result!
So that's it! See it's easy...ish?

Have you ever dyed your hair? Do you have any tips?
Or do you just really really want to dye your hair but you're too afraid? I want to know!

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  1. THANK YOU for this! Okay, so. I have ALWAYS wanted to dye my hair. Blue, mostly, but sometimes I think purples and pinks would be fun. Anyway. I am scared. I mean, I am not OLD-old, but I have you beat by more than a decade. So I worry, would I look like some old fool trying too hard? I mean, I do know people far older than me who DO dye their hair fun colors. But those people seem inherently cooler.

    So questions: If you wanted to do a more pastel-ish color, is it kind of the same? Also, how badly do the roots show (I have brown hair and I worry I'd look like a fool in like, a week)? Can you touch up?

    1. First of all I have seen people of all ages with cool odd colored hair and I tend to think they're awesome, I think the hair alone makes you cooler! Basically, I think you should totally do it!

      For a more pastel color I think it would basically be the same thing, I've never done it before but I think it would depend on if you could find a pastel color(I think Manic Panic makes them). Or if you mainly don't want it overly bright then I suggest the new dark green Splat(dark emerald).

      My roots don't tend show very good for at least a couple weeks, and honestly I always think it looks a little cooler when the roots show through, especially when it's blue or purple with my brown hair. Like I said I go months without redoing it so by then my brown roots are showing through a lot!

      You could definitely touch up, I've redone mine before when it faded really fast, but if you're still talking roots if you're bleaching it can be a pain to redo roots. Besides that it's easy... =)

    2. It makes me happy that you don't mind when "older" people do it. I have seen some people my age (and plenty who are older) do it and think it looks amazing. SO I think you are probably right.

      I have seen some videos and stuff about how to make pastels and it seems pretty easy, though I do think you can buy them too. My hair grows pretty slowly, so I am hoping I could make it for awhile- that is the one thing that scares me, I hate to have to dye it ALL the time, such a chore! (I am so not into the upkeep of pretty much anything beauty related ;) ) Thanks so much!

  2. Oh this is such a great post! I have had some moments with my hair as well, as I was almost blonde and almost red but honestly my brown hair is what I like the most. I even had ombre last year. But yes I do agree with you the best way to dye your hair is to use bleach first. I mean we all darker haired people. So yeah I used it too. I however always wanted to dye my hair purple, and I might do that one day. Great post :)

    PS. I love your orange bangs! :)

    1. Thanks! And yes purple hair is awesome you should definitely do it one day!