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Let's Talk: Authors Who Carry Their Series On Too Long(A Post About Maximum Ride)

You know the authors I'm talking about, the ones who say their series is over and then a year or two latter it's back! Most people would automatically think Cassandra Clare. A lot of people think that she has carried Mortal Instruments on too long with the prequels and the sequels and the other ones. See the thing is, as with most things, everyone has a different opinion and a lot of people are hypocrites. Myself included.

I originally stopped reading Mortal Instruments for two reasons; 1. I didn't like the prequels because I hate books set in the past. 2. Because I thought it was stupid that she was continuing the first series, everything had been all wrapped up nicely and I didn't think there was any reason why they should continue.
 However, when Rick Riordan announced Heroes Of Olympus (the companion series to Percy Jackson) I was nothing but ecstatic. Which made me rethink things. Cassandra Clare has this epic world she's built(but not so epic characters) why should she have to abandon it because one story line is finished? I've recently sorta gotten back into the world of Shadow Hunters and am pretty excited for the new series.

See what I mean? I'm I hypocrite! Having said that in certain cases I think an author needs to know when to let it go. This post was inspired by the fact that I just recently learned that James Patterson is releasing a new Maximum Ride book, this will be the 9th in the series.... The 8th was called Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure... The end. This author(in my opinion) ruined this series and needs to let it die. Now, I really don't want to diss this author. I loved the first Maximum Ride books, I loved the first Witch and Wizard trilogy, my mom used to love his Alex Cross books, he is a very popular, obviously very talented author. But I think he needs to let this go.

I think in certain cases you can revive a series when you have something to work with. It was just announced that one of my favorite authors Cinda Williams Chima is writing a second four book series set years after her Seven Realms series and I'm super excited. She also returned to write two books to her Heir Chronicles trilogy which I loved the first of the new ones and no doubt will love this last one too. So the question is, what does a series need to have to be able to be revived?

  • Open ending. - Not necessarily a completely open ending, Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Seven Realms, all these had nice completely tied together endings to their first sets. BUT at the same time there was wiggle room, there were small things left unsaid that most readers wouldn't have noticed without the continuation, but that left enough room for the authors to build on a second series.
  • A Majorly Awesome World - The one thing that all three series I've mentioned have in common is these massive worlds where obviously more is going on than what we've already seen. Maximum Ride? Not so much.
  • A Reason To Continue/Another Story To Tell - This is the most important. Now I obviously haven't read the continuation to Seven Realms yet, but with Percy Jackson, with Mortal Instruments, with the Heir Chronicles, there were more stories to be told. Whether it be prequels or sequels there was more villains to be fought, more action to be had, more swoons to be felt. There was more. I don't feel like their is any more to be said for Maximum Ride or anymore I want to hear(but again this is just my opinion).
So...basically I wanted to rant about there being another Maximum Ride book without it coming off as a rant! Did I succeed?

What are your feelings about an author continuing a story once it's already been finished once? Any thoughts on the new Maximum Ride? Any of you who think Mortal Instruments is dead? Any excitement for the new Seven Realms Books? Let's discus!

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  1. The Mortal Instruments should have died AGES ago. Ages. Seriously, I had trouble just finishing the "last" (because who are we kidding?) book. And now the 87 spinoffs.. ugh. I mean, I guess if her publisher wants more, and she wants to write more, then hey, great for her! But I am over it for sure.

    I haven't read the James Patterson books, but the one that comes to mind for me is the Sookie Stackhouse series. Charlaine Harris had literally NOTHING to write about after a while, but she had a contract for 13 books. So 13 books she wrote. And the last four or five at LEAST were complete fillers which got progressively worse. And then the last book absolutely SUCKED. (Sorry, I am still really mad.)

    I guess, if there's an interest and the author wants to, it makes sense for them to. But it really kills readers like me who MUST finish a series, because like, I don't want to anymore!

    Such a great topic!