Monday, September 15, 2014

Let's Talk: Wronged By An Indie Author

So, I've debated with myself for a month or longer now about whether to post this and finally decided that I should, it's good for me to talk about and it's something that still really irks me when I think about it. I am going to keep it mildly anonymous, I'm not going to name the author who inspired this post but if you really wanted to know it probably wouldn't be hard to go back through the blog and figure it out, not that I'm encouraging that.

I don't know where to start so I'll just jump in! As you may know, I do a feature I call Fangirls Spotlight where every month I spotlight an indie or fairly unknown author whom I think is awesome and deserves more attention and everything. I try to do a giveaway and lots of reviews and recently I've started reaching out to these authors for interviews or guest posts if they have time. Now in my experience authors are really nice awesome people, both big name authors and independent or self published, though the latter especially. They're just usually so nice, you know? Willing to do interviews and guest posts when they have the time as long as you ask nicely.

So for a spotlight I emailed this author who I've been following(on social media) for a long time, I explained what Fangirls Spotlight is and how I'd picked their books for that month. They were really nice, said that they would love to do an interview, and would even sponsor a giveaway, which I thought was super nice and awesome.

So I'd first emailed this author two weeks before the beginning of the month, figuring this was plenty of time to give him to do the interview and email me with the giveaway info. I sent him the questions and waited...and waited...and waited. Finally two weeks had passed so I emailed him again, and just said; "I'm sure you're busy, but I wanted to at least make sure you got my questions. Also do you have any information about the giveaway because I'd like to start it soon", or something along the lines of that and again I waited....and waited...and waited. Another two weeks passed, we were halfway through the month and I hadn't heard anything back from them.

So I emailed this author again saying something like "hey I guess maybe something came up? But if you still have the time I would love to finish the interview" and so on. Then another week passed and nothing. I emailed again and I was really nice said "I guess something came up and you didn't end up having time, it was too late to save my spotlight for the month but if you ever have time for the interview I'd still be willing to post it". So I was really nice even though my whole spotlight for the month fell apart, I ended up posting 1 review and nothing else. Now it's been almost a month and I never so much as got a sorry...this really irritates me!
 I would have much preferred a no in the first place, like I would understand if you didn't have the time, I was planning on hosting my own giveaway and I still would have done all my reviews but you said yes. You offered to sponsor my giveaway! You even emailed me right after I first asked you to request that I post my reviews on Amazon because as a self published author it really helps you!

Like please tell me if I'm wrong for being pissed? It's just, not only did he agree to an interview but he mentioned sponsoring the giveaway which I was going to do by myself, and then not only did he miss out on the basically free publicity through my blog but he messed up my whole plan for that month on my blog. And then he never even apologized!

Because of all this I haven't felt motivated in the least to read this authors books even though I already own 3(4?) of them that I haven't yet read, and even though I'm not mad enough to say I'll never read his books again I am seriously thinking that when I finally do I wont review them. Why should I promote this author in anyway on my blog now?

So in the end I'm still pissed and the worst part is if he had just taken the time to apologize, just a simple "I'm sorry, something came up and I totally forgot" or something like that I would be completely fine, but he hasn't and it irritates me to no end.

Thoughts? Please share them with me, am I overreacted? Has anything like this happened to you?

I am happy to say that since all this I've successfully done three author interviews all of which were very nice and prompt, one of which who literally sent me back her answers in under an hour. Also, this months Fangirls Spotlight author is so nice, not only did she agree to an interview(which you can see here) but she also set up something else that I am so excited to show you next week and she was just all kinds of nice.

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  1. I honestly do not think you are overreacting, if he would have said no in the first place than it would be fine, but to pretty much stand you up. That is not ok, I understand the whole no email issue. I was emailing a publisher awhile ago it took them two weeks to respond. All I can say is do not worry, I guess this is just the life of a blogger, especially a book blogger. You will have such great opportunities in the future that this one thing will be so small in comparison, keep your chin up hun. You are doing so great right now! Just keep it up and don't let this one thing get you down.

    xx Kat xx
    The Realm of Books

    P.s. I am a new follower :) thanks for stopping by

  2. Yes that does totally suck. Did the author just drop of the internet completely or did you see him still posting on twitter and stuff? Because if he was still active but just ignoring you THAT'S just downright rude. *sigh* I don't think there's any excuse for rudeness, but maybe something really big did come up? I was hosting a giveaway with this etsy seller once and like it was all sorted and I just had to email them the winner's address. And I did. No answer. I emailed a bit later (I mean, I'd already drawn the winner! They were expecting their prize which the etsy seller SAID she was doing). AND NOTHING. I was panicking! Tell someone "oops, maybe you didn't win" sucks...but anyway, it was super late, but the seller did get back to me and they had had food poisoning and been in hospital. And I felt quite bad for being frustrated. >_< But at least that all worked out. I know it doesn't work out every time.
    I would be pretty ticked off if someone messed up my blogging schedule for the month too. *sigh* And you sounded super polite and gave lots of warning, so I don't think you did anything wrong. Omg, this comment is WAY too long. I'm going now... ;-)

  3. Um, you know I am going to *need* to know who this is, right? I don't blame you AT. ALL. I would be livid. The thing is, imagine how mad the author would be if someone messed up HIS whole schedule without warning. If he hadn't already confirmed AND emailed you back, maybe I could get past it... but no, that is not okay. If you commit to something, you follow through. Especially because when you contacted him, you were actually promoting his stuff yourself! Infuriating.

    Okay, after a lot of stalking, I figured out who it is (and no, people, you'll have to do your own detective work ;) ) Then I went to stalk him, and he hasn't been very active on social media, BUT then randomly posted like, 3 days ago. So I mean, he is alive, and didn't mention catastrophes, just being "busy writing", so yeah. Not good enough. He fails.

    Also, I just spent twenty minutes solving Crimes Against Bloggers instead of finishing my posts and commenting. So I guess I fail too ;)

    1. Ha. Yeah I had seen that he was absent from twitter and Facebook for most the month too so I figured something had just come up, which is totally understandable but now that he apparently has time to post random things on Facebook I would appreciate a simple apology. Like in my mind that would fix basically everything, just a simple "something came up, I'm sorry".

      I admit I'm kinda glad you dug around to figure it out! ;)