Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ships I Don't Ship

So you know how sometimes there's a character, usually male, that everyone is fangirling over, that everyone is in love with, that all your bookish friends wish was real so they could date them? And you know how sometimes you just don't get it? Yeah. That is what this post is about.
Ships(as in relationships) that I don't ship whether it's because I don't understand the appeal of one or both characters or I just plain don't think they belong together.

Four and Tris(Divergent) I never felt their relationship was healthy, more like toxic. And I never got why everyone loves Four so much, to me he is just about the opposite of swoon worthy. I just do not understand this one at all.

6148028Katniss and Gale(Hunger Games) I love Katniss she is still one of my all time favorite characters and this is not only because I've always preferred Peeta, I just never got the appeal of Gale. First of all the only reason Katniss ever even kissed him is because she didn't want to lose him as a friend, that's all. And just he's unlikable, even before Mockingjay when he goes bonkers. I don't understand!

13455782Juliette and Adam(Shatter Me) I'm sorry I never liked Adam, he always seemed so creepy to me!

 Jace and Clary(Mortal Instruments) I'm sorry, I never saw the appeal of Jace. I'm honestly not a huge fan of Clary either, I'm in that series for side characters, but Jace is...perfect and a perfect a** I don't get the appeal of someone like that. I didn't necessarily want Clary to end up with Simon or something I just didn't like them together, or apart for that matter. =)


Tessa and Will(Infernal Devices) - Again I'm not into the whole perfect bad boy thing.

8490112Karou and Akiva(Daughter Of Smoke and Bone) - While they grew on me I still never really loved them. I am not into the reborn love thing.

9593911Lena and Julian(Delirium) I never really had a "side" in this one but just not Julian, I didn't like Alex so much either but

Kelsey, Kishan and Ren(Tigers Quartet) Seriously I cannot rant about these characters and books enough. I just hate it. I liked Kishan at first but the author ruined even that for me!

So, what about you? Are there any ships you don't ship? Tell me down below!

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  1. Oh my god, yes. Finally another person who doesn't ship Tris and Four. In my opinion, she's just so much better than him (especially in Allegiant), and I just don't see the appeal at all. I also dislike Adam, and I just hate that Julian dude (on the other hand, I absolutely love this makes so much more sense). Great post! :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah my biggest thing is I never saw the appeal of Four! I am such an outsider in that aspect because everyone loves him, but I don't! I just can't! Though Theo James? I can ship him. =)

  2. THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER!!!! Seriously, EVER. In like, the history of book blogging. Because I adore talking about fictional relationships. AND- I agree with you on most of these!

    Tris and Four: They were NOT good for each other. At all. You are so spot on with calling it toxic. Because it was! Most of the time, I felt like they were together because there was no one else around that liked either of them.

    Katniss and Gale- Obviously, they were dreadful. I never understood how it was even a choice! Gale was so... dull. Maybe that's because of Liam Hemsworth altering my views? I don't know. Gale never did it for me (but a side note: Listen to "Gale Song" by The Lumineers because I love it and I said so). And like, Peeta was there. PEETA. And as much as Liam made me dislike Gale more, Josh made me love Peeta more. Because, Josh.

    Juliette and Adam: TEAM WARNER. Forever and ever.

    Jace and Clary: NO. Just no. I mean, I *guess* Simon would have been preferable, because then at least half of the couple would have had a semblance of a personality. Yuck to those two, in general.

    Skipping a bunch I don't know...

    Lena and Julian: I am one of the like, three people in the world who was staunchly Team Julian. But I know I am outvoted, it's cool ;)

    Maybe you need to do this list again, okay? Make it a regular feature or something? Please?

    1. Haha, thanks!

      Exactly! I just never fund Four and Tris "swoon worthy", I never thought they actually belonged together more like they were thrown together and decided "eh you're okay, I guess I'll love you".

      I will definitely listen to Gale Song, I've heard of it before but basically once I found out there would be no Taylor Swift songs on the Catching Fire soundtrack I decided to ignore it! I'm just glad I'm not only one who doesn't like Liam Hemsworth as Gale! And yes Josh as life felt complete when I first heard of that casting. ;)

      Team Warner for life!

      With Delirium I never really had a preference, I didn't much like either of them but at least in the first book I liked Alex, with the second and third book I liked neither.

      I was actually considering doing a part 2 because as I was re-reading this post last night I came up with a least five more that I wanted to add!

    2. Well then you must do a second part! I promise, I will read and love it :)

      The Catching Fire soundtrack is AMAZING. Lorde does this insane version of Everybody Wants to Rule the World. OMG. Just... yes.

    3. Okay...bend my arm...I guess I'll do a part 2! =)

  3. This was interesting to read. I ship some of these but others I totally agree with you on.

    Tris and Four: I never really saw the appeal of Four either. He just seemed like an arrogant jerk and a bit of a bully, especially in the first book. I suppose they were drawn to each other because they were the only two divergents around. Not a match made in heaven.

    Katniss and Gale- I was actually team Gale for a while because I like the kind of romances that grow from friendships. Gale was at least loyal and dependable and I liked that he wanted to resist against the powers that be. But I can see there was no passion between Katniss and Gale. I guess I just felt sorry for him as it seemed like Katniss led him on a lot and just used him. In the end they were both better off without each other. Peeta I kind of like...but I also found him a bit wussy to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I like a sensitive guy, but sometimes he was a bit too emotional for me. And I hated it when he went crazy later and was horrible to Katniss. Basically all three in the love triangle were horrible to each other!

    Karou and Akiva-I didn't mind this one. I think Karou is awesome but not too bothered about Akiva. They seemed to work well together though (when they weren't trying to kill each other). I see it as another Romeo/Juliet retelling.

    Jace and Clary: Jace is okay I guess but I don't really like Clary so I don't really care who she ends up with.

    Lena and Julian: I liked Alex until he turned weird and jealous and then I started warming towards Julian and actually rooting for him. I thought the ending and Lena's choice happened very quickly and out-of-the blue considering what had gone on between them all of the last two books.

    Thanks for this list, I really enjoyed reading it.

    1. Yeah with Peeta and Gale I totally see the so whole wanting her to be with Gale because they're friends thing and I definitely hated Peeta in Mockingjay...because it broke my heart that he was like that.

      Akvia definitely grew on me throughout the series and I didn't despise the romance I just didn't love it either.
      As for Delirium in the end I didn't really like either of the guys or care all that much about who she ended up with.

      Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the post!