Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sunday Post #1

The Sunday Post
Sunday Post is a weekly meme host over at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

So I've been trying not to post on Sundays as a kind of break and then I realized I might as well join in on this meme and do weekly updates! I'm sure you already know this, but this meme is basically a chance to recap your week both blogging and your real life(or just blogging), you can share any new books you got and basically do anything you want. =)

Real Life
My life this week was fairly boring, filled with lots of writing, some baking and...reading? Some what. I've been in a small reading slump, but I think I conquered it by finishing Guitar Notes and reading Bottled Up Secret. My brother was out of town most of the week for a work conference which is awesome only because he brought me back an awesome present. =) And yeah that's my life at the moment, moving on! Oh, I also dyed my hair black and then wrote a very mean email to Amazon when my orange hair dye(because Halloween) came in with the bottle of dye broken open.

New Books
I don't tend to get a lot of new books every week but I got a few this week.

From Netgalley:
I was pre-approved for this and it sounds like an interesting contemporary, so of course I downloaded it!

So I technically got this one like two weeks ago, but I figured I might as well include it. I was so excited when I was approved for this one because I have already heard quite a few good things about it!


I got a signed copy of this in the mail the other day which was a surprise because I had completely forgotten that I had entered the Blog Tour for this book. =)

This Week On The Blog
Saturday: ARC Review of Bottled Up Secret by Brian McNamara

Coming Soon(on the blog next week!)
     My plan for next week includes a couple reviews(Howl's Moving Castle and ?), a lovely post about how an indie author wronged me, Memes(Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting On Wednesday and Feature/Follow Friday) and a How To post all about dying your hair bright colors!

How was your week!? Anything interesting happen?

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  1. Woah, how an indie author wronged you?! Definitely curious about that post! (You do catchy titles! XD) I totally understand the reading slump. I've had a whole truckload of low-star-rated books and it just makes me not feel like reading, to be honest. Which is NOT good for my TBR because it stacks up whether I want it to or not. *sigh* Hopefully we'll both read some awesome books this week, eh?!! My Sunday Post!

    1. Thanks! I try with the catchy titles. =)
      Yes I'm ready for so awesome books!

  2. Writing and baking is good too ;) Have a great week !

    1. It is good and tasty(the baking not writing...well maybe) ;)

  3. Sounds like an exciting week ahead! Enjoy...and thanks for sharing.


  4. That's annoying about the hair dye though amazon is normally pretty good about fixing things. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. Hope your slump has gone away for good! I hate reading slumps especially when I know I have so many books to read.

    1. Reading slumps are the bane of my existence... =)

  5. Awesome week, I hope this week is not as boring as last :) Happy Sunday!

    Sunday Post

    xx Kat xx

  6. Ohh I really want to read Althea & Oliver! It sounds quite cute. I read an excerpt and was intrigued :) Also, I cannot wait for this post about the author thing! And wait- seriously a hair post? Because I really want to dye my hair bright colors but I am chicken! I am looking forward to the week ahead on your blog!

    1. I sounds so awesome if only I could pull myself out of my reading slump long enough to read it! =)

      You really should dye your hair! I just finished mine(it's black and orange finally!) and I love it so much, I've been dying it for years and I never get tired of putting new colors in! =)

  7. Enjoy your new books, and thanks for visiting my blog!