Wednesday, October 29, 2014

13 Posts Of Halloween: Horror Movie Survival List

Sooo, I was really conflicted about doing this post...on the one hand I love the idea of a horror movie survival kit... On the other hand, this is primarily a book blog and this whole post is basically based on an advertisement... In the end my excitement to do this post won out and. you know, I'd feel like a complete tool to simple steal the idea. Anyways proceed but know that I am not trying to sell you on anything.

10 Things that could help you survive a Horror Movie!

 - Holy water(for identifying demons)

 - Salt(for keeping away ghosts and demons)

 - Garlic(for precautionary reasons)

 - A wooden stake (again precautionary)

 - A silver knife(unless you have a gun and silver bullets)

 - A brain - This is useful when you need to decide things such as: should I check out that scary noise coming from the basement while some psycho is trying to kill me? Or the ever present; should I read out of the creepy summoning book? Not to mention the very important; should I run upstairs rather than out the front door?

 - A flash light with extra batteries (or you know just a torch as no mater what the flashlight always seems to fail)

 - A cell phone with a full charge (you know so you can do something besides run around screaming if it's a psycho after you)

 - Max Brook's Zombie Survival Guide, in case of zombies!

 - A best friend to sacrifice. Sometimes you have to choice, them or you?

This topic was suggested and inspired by Man Crates. Check out their website here

What's the number one thing you would include in a Horror Movie survival kit?

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  1. I like this list! I am going to add though, an annoying acquaintance to sacrifice so you don't have to use your best friend ;)

    And I think this applies to horror BOOKS as well as movies, so you're good!

  2. I think a brain should go at the top of the list. You learned some of this from Supernatural didn't you? I love that show! lol @ best friend. Like that old saying, you don't have to run faster than the bear, just faster than the other guy. ;)