Friday, October 31, 2014

13 Posts Of Halloween(2014): 5 Things A Horror Books Needs To Scare Me

Happy Halloween!

So, this is basically the last of the 13 Posts Of Halloween, just the update left(which will come next week some time!). So tell me, what are you doing this Halloween!?! I'm having a party of sorts with my brothers and a few friends where we plan on trying to scare all the trick-or-treaters, in a good natured kind of way. Also, I know I promised pics of my house all decked out, which we ran into a problem where the wind ruined our spider web so we're redoing it before tonight, and then I will update this post with the pictures!

Costume wise, I had two options. If I decided to be childish and go with my brother and his kind of girlfriend to go trick-or-treating I was going to wear my Captain America hoodie and claim that I was "Captain America in disguise"... Yeah. But instead I'm sticking to the original plan of a simple scary mask and staying home to scare little children.... It sounds creepier than it is!

On to the post. I've been putting this one off because it was the hardest to write and took the longest but finally, 54 Things A Horror Book Needs To Be Successful! In my opinion!

1. Suspense. It's not just the creep factor you need in a horror book, you need suspense and mystery! It needs to be eerie and I need to actually fear for the main characters lives! I can't figure out the plot before the Big Reveal, I need suspense, I need mystery(what is this creepy force killing off the people in this town?), I need to be afraid for my own life...okay?

2. Like-able characters. I haven't read a ton of YA horror, though I love it, but what I have read sometimes has unlikable characters. I need to like the characters, at the very least I need to feel for them, and get to know them. There tends to be a lack of character development in horror, which is fine in movies, not in books. If I don't care in some way for the characters then why would I care if some psychopath is trying to kill them or not?

3. Horrifying plot. This ties it the suspense, but the plot needs to be terrifying. I need a creepy setting and a ghost coming back to life for revenge. I don't need a bunch of idiots reading from a summoning book and bringing about their own deaths, unless it's done really well. It also needs to be convincing, I'm not big on the whole there's a murderer on the loose and the main character starts digging into it, which turns the murderer to chasing them...ehh, it's over done.

4. Horrifying villain. Whether they be humans, zombies, killer plot bunnies, ghosts, demons, or ponies, the villain needs to be genuinely terrifying. An example that springs to mind is The Dreamhouse Kings series...which is odd because I don't really remember much about that series as I read it years ago...weird.

I seem to be having issues recently with the whole number 5, I keep thinking "okay top five of something or other" and then I can only come up with 4.... Mystery was going to be my 5th, but that really just goes with the suspense....

So, what's the number one thing in a horror book(or any book) that scares you?

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  1. I live in apartment now, so no more trick-or-treaters for me! It sounds like fun, though, scaring little kids, hahhaa. --YES to all of your horror book needs. Horror books HAVE to have some likable characters (at least the main ones) so that you have somebody to feel scared on behalf of, and want to NOT die. Anyway, yay! Happy Halloween :)

  2. I'm going to hide from trick or treaters and watch a movie in the dark. Aren't I exciting? lol I like your captain america in disguise idea! We're expected to get snow in Michigan tonight, snow!

    Likable characters are a must, if I don't care about them I can't be scared for them. I hate zombies, they creep me out and give me nightmares.

  3. Happy Halloween girl and I truly hope you'll have a great time. As we don't celebrate it here, I really wish to experience Halloween one day. Anyhow I love your post and for me villains are crucial for a good scary movie. So yeah I totally agree with your points here. Great post :)

  4. FOR HALLLOWEEN, I made frozen banana chocolate mummies, ghosty pizzas, candy corn quesadillas look-alikes, and also FINGER COOKIES WITH BLOOD (lol jam). But yeah, I'm not sure what I'm going to do the rest of the night? Maybe read? haha

    Ok, but yeah, I DEFINITELY NEED these factors in my horror books. I also like psychological vs. bloody gory stuff. But then again, I haven't read much horror, so I need recommendations (for next year?? hahaha)

  5. I did the whole trick or treating thing, but only to a few houses, then went to my aunt's house to watch all the kids come. And now I am going to eat the candy!

    I agree with your list SO much! I laughed at #3 because that is the premise of at LEAST 50% of "horror", and I agree- been there, done that, bored. And the likable character thing is key too- and seen SO infrequently! Perhaps you need to write it! I would be terrible at writing horror- the plot would end one chapter in when everyone just stopped being mean and awful ;)