Wednesday, October 29, 2014

13 Posts Of Halloween(2014) Attack Of The Killer Plot Bunnies Part 1

Today's 13 Posts Of Halloween is very special, indeed I would go so far as to say it's epic...probably. Basically, today's post is in two part, part 1 is here(right down there) and part 2 is up on my writing blog Grace&Steele and will be linked at the bottom.

What is this mystery post? A short story! Written by yours truly. It is inspired in part by Halloween, in part by the upcoming NaNoWriMo(which is National Novel Writing Month where you try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month), and all kinds of fun. 

If possible please listen to this song as you read the following story:

A note on this story: this is a spoof. It’s meant to be fun and unrealistic, a way to get pumped for Halloween and NaNoWriMo. =)

Attack Of The Killer Plot Bunnies
part 1

It was the middle of the night, November 29th. The month was nearly over and so was NaNoWriMo. Isadora was in the middle of her all night writing marathon, she knew that if she didn't finish her novel before the end of November and NaNoWriMo, it would all go away. The magic. The words. If she didn't finish it in time, it would never get finished and would always haunt her.
The rain plastered against the window above her desk and when she looked up, just for a moment, she could have sworn it was blood. She blinked rapidly until the falling water turned clear once more, that's when she saw the shadows on the grass. Streaking back and forth over her neighbors yard. She couldn't see what they were, but she could feel the terror that they carried with them, the feeling wrapped around her like a warm blanket, seeping into her skin.
Isadora tore her gaze from the window, reasoning with herself that she must be seeing things, there was nothing in her neighbors yard. Those things, what she saw, what she thought she saw, don't really exist. They aren't even a campfire story, simply a joke.
She refocuses on the laptop before her, the screen, bright white in the otherwise dark room, shows her pages of writing, her days of work, her future. All in black and white right in front of her, until it disappears. She watches in stunned silence as the words change, shifting into what appears to be some kind of foreign language, at the same time her music stops playing, silence falling over the small room in the equally small house.
Her heart was beating fast, so fast that it felt as if she'd just finished running a marathon, or holding her breath for too long. She couldn't take her eyes off the computer screen, her gaze narrowed until it was all she saw. Darkness crowded at the edges of her vision, blocking the rest of the room from her view, the light on the screen was dimming in a way Isadora was sure that computers weren't supposed to.
She was so focused on her computer that she didn't hear the squeaking of the window slowly opening, the sounds from downstairs, or the creaking of the floorboards, until it was too late.
The screen ran red, the color seeping from the top of the screen to encompass it all, like blood slowly dripping down, sapping the only light from the room. Isadora reached out a tentative finger, lightly touching the screen and only half expecting to feel the warm stickiness of blood. All she felt was the cool plastic of her laptop. The blood colored substance was somehow in the computer.
Isadora became aware of them, the intruders, all too suddenly. Her eyes were already adjusted to the dark room, as soon as she started to pull her gaze from the screen the rest of the room rushed back in.
She knew what they were before she saw them; they were real, they were after her, they had come from her neighbor’s yard. Her eyes took them in, the bumps on her carpeted floor, they were shrouded in darkness, their teeth chattering in the shadows as the temperature dropped, her breath freezing in the air.
She knew there were very few ways to scare them away once they'd found you, once they had your scent. She dug around her cluttered desk, the only light coming from the half hidden moon that was crowded with storm clouds, she looked for her Ipod. In all her studies on the subject, the only definitive answer she had found was that music scared them away, they didn't like sounds beyond screams. It didn't make sense, but she had to try.
She found the cord to her headphones and began pulling on it, trying to use it to reel the Ipod in, it didn't occur to her to wonder why they hadn't attacked, she knew they would when they were ready. It didn't matter, they were already so close. Small as they were she could practically hear them panting at her heels, like dogs, vicious, killer dogs. The headphones finally came loose, but they didn't lead her to her IPod, for the cord had been chewed through.
Run! Her mind shouted and her feet were moving before she'd fully caught up with her situation. She knew she was a goner as she made herself run across the room to the bedroom door, shrieking on the inside every time her bare feet touched fur, flinching in anticipation of that first bite...

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  1. That's what you get with sleep deprivation! haha, cute story. I'm not afraid of bunnies though, I have a cute pet rabbit. Plot bunnies on the other hand... For some reason I pictured her battling her plot bunnies not running from them, but they are scary.