Wednesday, October 8, 2014

13 Posts Of Halloween(2014): Introduction + Looking back on past Halloweens.

So I've been debating over this for a while now, basically as you may know this blog is actually over two years old, but it's only been like 10 months of a strictly BOOK blog. Basically, the last two years I've done this thing I call 13 Posts Of Halloween, where I post Halloween themed playlists, short stories, and one very bad poem, among other stuff. I was going to skip it this year, but I've decided I love Halloween too much to do that! So the full shecudel is on the 13 Posts Of Halloween page, but basically you can expect reviews, lists, playlists, movie recs, all Halloween/Horror themed, plus a short story!!!!

Now let's look back on past Halloweens....

Last Halloween - I was moving! I didn't get to do anything cool for Halloween!

Years(ages) 12-16 - The tradition was to watch lots of scary movies and play poker with candy instead of poker chips.

When I Was 11 - I went as a pirate! (I was going to include pictures, but I can't find them!)

When I was 10 - I was going to go as the devil but about a week before Halloween my little 10 year old brain decided that if I dressed as the devil, Satan would posses I went as a witch!

When I was 9 - This is the one I keep blanking on...was I a witch? I feel like I was a witch at least twice...hmm, well I give up!

When I was 8 - Pop star! Oh yeah, sparkly blue top that showed my belly and all.=)

When I was 7 - Bubbles! From Powerpuff girls!

When I was 6 - I was an Indian Princess(why? because my favorite doll was an Indian princess!)

When I was 5 - A Cowboys cheerleader! What? I already had the costume!

This year I am dressing up as a bloody werewolf to scare the neighborhood kids...yup. We also went all out with decorating(for the first time ever!), which I will show pictures of in my post about decorating!

What are some of your Halloween traditions!? Any embarrassing costumes? ;)

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  1. LOL So amazing. You've had a nice share of interesting costumes!! But cowboy cheerleader is a winner! We don't celebrate Halloween here but I cannot wait to see your costume ;)

    1. Thanks! The cheerleader costume was all do to my mom. =)

  2. I love this idea! I love doing fun stuff for holidays :)

    Um, I need to find a way to show you my embarrassing costumes! Let's see. One year in college, I was a Spice Girl. And a mermaid. One year, I just put on my swimming stuff in high school and went as a swimmer lol. I was a reindeer one year (seasonal mix up, anyone?) I wore a kimono one year, I think I was Little Bo Peep once. Oh, in like, 5th grade I was a giant baby. OH- and I was a Penn State cheerleader one year too!

    I can't wait to see your pictures! And I love the werewolf idea. I am going to find somewhere to post these pictures so you can share in my embarrassment too ;) I'll be back, with links!

    1. A spice girl!?! I must see that! Please do come back with links, I need to see these things! =)

    2. OMG! And I forgot the best one- I dressed up as Amber from Teen Mom! Oh, I HAVE to share these somehow!

  3. I changed how my blog went too, it used to be a writing blog then I wrote a book review and really enjoyed it. (It also took much less time and research, plus I get to read books!)

    I love Halloween! My sister always comes up with really cool costumes and sews them herself and I'm like almost always either a princess or a witch. I was a clown when I was 5, my dad made my costume. :) My mom's a fifth grade teacher, so I think I'm going to go into her classroom on Halloween this year. (Yes, as a princess. Some things never change.)