Wednesday, October 22, 2014

13 Posts Of Halloween(2014): Top 5 Horror Books

Now I don't know if these are technically "horror" books but they're mildly creepy and loads of fun to read around Halloween! Here are 5 of my favorite scary books!


The Devouring: This is my favorite "horror"/scary book series. It's a trilogy, it's not overly terrifying but it's definitely creepy and has a few gory nasty parts.

Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea: This is definitely the tamest, least scary book on this list. It's creepy and Gothic and I didn't love it but it's perfect for Halloween!

Remnants Of The Damned: This is like your classic horror movie in the shape of a book...

Another Little Piece: This is just creepy and weird... It definitely has it's chilling moments and is perfect for someone who wants something creepy, but not something that would give you nightmares(in my opinion).

The Waking Dark: This is like one of those virus books, a virus seeps through this town causing people to kill other people and it's complicated and creepy. Not scary creepy but creepy non the less.

What are some of your favorite horror books? Or if you don't read horror/scary books then what's your favorite book that is the exact opposite of a horror book?
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  1. The book you describe as the tamest is the only one on my to read list. Yep, I'm a horror wimp. When asked for my favorite scary book I usually say Harry Potter (dementors are scary) or Skulduggery Pleasant (Hey, he's a skeleton!) I don't know what would be the opposite of scary, rainbows and puppies? Nope I don't really read those kinds of books either.

    1. Dementors are scary! Yeah I think rainbows, puppies, maybe unicorns? Would all be considered the opposite of horror. =)

  2. I MUST read Another Little Piece! I have it on my bookcase and it is definitely perfect for Halloween! The Walking Dark sounds good, but I think that the author is one of the supporters of The Author Who Shall Not Be Mentioned. Boo. I also want to read Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea too! Great list, now I have more books to get to ;)

    1. Another Little Piece is awesome! And yeah I thank your write about The Author Who Shall Not Be Named...luckily I never actually supported the author of The Waking Dark as I got that book for free! And while I had problems with Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea its an overall good book. =)

  3. NO. NO HORROR FOR ME. The only book I want to read from this list is Between the Devil and the Blue Sea, but since that's the least scariest book, that's ok. SO YEAH. I think the only horror I've read is Girl with All the Gifts, but I don't know if that counts because I didn't find it scary :P but it had zombies, and it's classified as horror on goodreads

    1. That totally counts! Yeah I get the feeling not a lot of bloggers(at least ones I talk to) like sad. =)

      But Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea is good, it's a little creepy but not really SCARY. =)