Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FriendZone A Novel by...me!

So I was fully planning on doing Top Ten Tuesday and then...I didn't. I've been debating with myself for days now over whether to post about my book(FriendZone) which I uploaded to Swoonreads! I thought it might be weird or awkward and then I realized I was being stupid! It's not as if I'm trying to force my readers to read my book and give it a high rating! I'm just, basically, advertising it, I have no control over whether or not you will go look at and/or read it, let alone like and review it. So basically it was stupid not to post right away!

Anyways, FriendZone is my first contemporary novel(it's YA!) and I wrote it in one month(September) and uploaded it to Swoonreads because I thought...why not? Here is the make shift cover my brother made and the description that is on the Swoonreads website!

FriendZone a novel by shayla emory

Lily Day: Extreme fangirl, aspiring graphic novelist and quirky to the extreme. She’s been in love with the boy next door since they discovered a mutual love of green twin pops and fell in love with Harry Potter. The only problem? He sees her as nothing more than a friend.

Seth Waters: Slacker. Loner. Artist. Who simply wants to get through his senior year of high school and maybe discover who he is on the way. He’s been in love with the girl at the next locker since third grade. The only problem? She can’t seem to see him as anything but the guy she grumbles to in between classes, let alone even remember his name.

Both are stuck in the FriendZone and have come up with an ingenious plan to get out. Will this plan succeed or will they be stuck in the FriendZone forever?


Chapter 1

I’ve been in love with Sam Freeman since we were six and bonded over our mutual love of green twin pops. Back then we were inseparable, and I didn’t know it, but I was in love. We were best friends, the two of us and Cassidy, his twin sister. Things changed when we started high school, because obviously things always change when you start high school. Cassidy decided that I was the weird nerdy girl and that they belonged to the “popular” crowd and dropped me faster than you can say “nerd girl”. I don’t blame her. Cassidy was always bigger than our little group, and she never became one of THOSE populars, sure she’s beautiful and 80% of the boys in our school are in love with her(the other 15% are either gay or taken) but she’s not cruel.
That’s when Sam joined the football team, and the basketball team, and the baseball team, basically all the big team sports that a fairly skinny boy can play. Only he’s not so skinny anymore. Why do I like Sam Freeman? It’s simple, it’s not that he’s cute, though he is, with his almond shaped eyes and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps. No, it’s more than that. It’s the way he always makes sure to talk to me when we’re at our lockers(that happen to be right next to each other), the way he stares at me while I’m talking and seems to actually care about what I’m saying, the way he always helps his mom with grocery shopping and holds the door for old ladies. He’s sweet. And cute. Basically he’s every girls’ dream guy, with a few small faults. Like the fact that while sweet, he is also clueless, and how to put it nicely? He’s obsessed with being “popular”, but personally, I like to think this is because he’s insecure which is cute in a guy, right?
We’re edging into the second month of senior year, the best year of our lives? I think not. So far, it’s been mediocre at best. We’ve already lost three football games, the school newspaper is falling apart and the fall dance is set to end in big ugly tears. Why? Simple, the most popular girl in school was just dumped by her boyfriend, and when the populars are unhappy the whole school pays.
I feel more than invisible as I walk through the double doors of Jefferson High(home of the Lions). I squeeze through the masses, girls in short skirts and shorts that are more like underwear, boys in skinny jeans who spend more time on their hair every morning than most girls. To me most of them are interchangeable, I’ve gone to school with most of these people since kindergarten and know nothing about them, you can afford to do that when you have a best friend. The problem is when said best friend is a year older than you and off at college during your senior year. The thing is I did all that fun senior year stuff with David last year He pulled me along behind him to everything, even prom when his boyfriend bailed on him.
I glance around as I reach my red locker, school colors are red and silver, last year the lockers were all repainted after the senior class graffitied all the silver lockers as the senior prank. I try to look inconspicuous, searching the halls for Sam, when my eyes briefly land on his sister, Cassidy. She stands at her locker down the hall, talking to a vaguely familiar boy. Seth? I think it is his name, he’s in my art class and I have been envious of his art abilities since sixth grade.
“Hey, Lil.” Sam says from behind me, making me jump as I tear my gaze away from where I was obviously staring at Seth. Sam tugs on my messy ponytail as he steps in front of me to get to his locker.
“Hey.” I say quickly, turning back to my locker as I silently beg myself to be cool. “What’s up?” What’s up? Seriously Lily. I contemplate banging my head into my locker as my cheeks burn. I riffle through my locker as if looking for something when really everything I need is already in my bag.
“Not much,” he replies with a quick grin that makes my heart start beating faster.
Chill Lily, play it cool, I tell myself as I take a deep breath before turning to fully face him.
“So you know that girl I was telling you about?” His head is practically stuffed into his locker as he talks. I nod as my heart sinks. Of course, good old reliable Lily, always there to give the boy she’s in love with advice on his love life, while hers is sadder than a gay puppy’s. Who also can’t come up with a good metaphor.
“She totally blew me off the other night, and when I asked her about it, she was all like “my dad made me help him in the yard and then I was all gross, so obviously I couldn’t go out” and I was like “what?” and then she stormed away saying I don’t understand her. Can you believe that?” He looks over at me, his almond eyes squinting in confusion while I shrug helplessly, becoming a crazy girl unable to form coherent sentences when around a guy who used to be my best friend. “I just wish for once I could find a girl who’s more mellow, you know? One that doesn’t freak out when one hair is out of place, someone more like you.”
I literally stop breathing. I can’t hear anything else he says as those words repeat themselves, over and over, in my mind, my imagination pinwheeling as I imagine him turning to me and impulsively kissing me, right in front of all our classmates. I tune back in just in time for him to shut his locker and turn away, calling back over his shoulder four words that ruin my whole day, scratch that, they ruin my month.
“I gotta go, bro.”
BRO!? Bro? Do I look like a bro? I glance down at myself; black boots with a short heel, tights, jean skirt, old Star Wars t-shirt. The answer is obvious. With my dirty blond hair still damp from my shower because I woke up late because I was up till midnight replaying Skyrim for the ninth time, I do look like a bro.

So that's it...my book. I also put a little button in the side bar(you may have noticed) and yeah.
FriendZone is now live on Swoonreads for your reading pleasure!


  1. THATS AWESOME YOU WROTE YOUR OWN BOOK! I could never do that. Well, maybe if I spent 10 years on it (for only 300 pages hahaha).

    I've never been on Swoonreads before, but I'll make sure to check out the whole story after classes today :D

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so exciting! I am definitely going to read it as soon as I get a chance, I can't wait! And seriously, you should be so, so proud, this is an amazing accomplishment!

  3. Why have I only seen this now??? Shay this is great! I love writing fluffy romance novels too!! Last time I wrote one was when I was 11 or 12, and I tried writing again a few weeks ago, but then school got in the way and I lost motivation :< BUT really, THIS IS AWESOME :D I've never heard of Swoonreads, but I'm going to check it out soon. Also, I wanna read what you wrote :D

    1. Why have you only seen this now??? =) Thank you so much Jillian! =)