Thursday, October 16, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 Announcements! Ideas! All The Things! (wherein I convince you all to NaNo with me!)

So, I'm sure it's pretty obvious by now that I will be doing NaNoWriMo next month. I mean, I've mentioned it in at least half a dozen times already, I've had my Night Of Writing Dangerously donation page up since August, so obviously yes, I am doing NaNoWriMo in November!

So excited!

What Is NaNoWriMo? NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, where basically you try to write a 50,000 word novel in the span of 30 days. You can find out all about it here!

What kind of updates will I be doing next month? Good question. My co-blogger at Grace&Steele and I have some plans for that blog, but I am still going to be doing weekly update here! They will be every Saturday, where I will update you on my progress and hopefully have some fun tips of some sort. I also have a couple more planned for this month, introducing my novel and everything!

What am I going to write? Well I did finally decide but I'm not telling you yet!

Now I am going to try and convince you to NaNo with me!

Join the dark side, we have gifs!

Reasons you should NaNo -

1. It's fun! Seriously it's so much fun, there are forums and it's a great way to meet other writers even though you might be really shy.

2. Low Pressure! It's not only for people who have been writing for years, say you've just always had this idea in the back of your mind, thinking "hmm, maybe one day I'll write a book" and you never did! And you're not sure you can! That's okay! NaNoWriMo is just as much for new writers as it is for ones who have been writing for years. The only pressure is what you put on yourself. Ignore that little bar that counts your words until you reach 50,000, set your own goal. A chapter a day, a paragraph a day, either way you never know, you could find inspiration to finish it, even if it takes you multiple NaNo sessions!

3.All the cool kids are doing it...I mean I'm cool, right? My co-blogger Grace(@Grace&Steele) is doing it...she's crazy but still cool.

4. We can be writing buddies!

5. Because you know you want to...

6. Because it's all about you! Don't worry about words counts and whether it's the best or most original idea in the world, don't worry about your characters being too one dimensional, or your writing dull, just don't think, write. Because at the end of the month, no matter what, you will feel that sense of accomplishment.

Words: So I know 50,000 can seem like a lot so I've broken it down a little for you to make it less discouraging.

You have 30 days,  that means about 1,667 words a day.  That's only 208 words you have to write an hour for 8 hours a day. So let's say about a paragraph. So, you're reading or going about your normal life, all you have to do is stop for 15 minutes every hour and write a paragraph. Sometimes you'll do more, some less, but slowly you'll write an actual book and when the month is over, you'll have written a book. Then when your friends ask you what you've been up to, you can be like "Oh, nothing much. I just wrote a book, beat that!" or whatever. =)

The Link To My NaNo Profile, add me as a buddy!

So, are you NaNo-ing? Did I convince you? I did right? ;)

My writing blog: Alex Steele @ Grace&Steele

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  1. I'm definitely not a writer of books, though I do love to write reviews. Hope you enjoy and GOOD LUCK!

    Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

  2. I did it last year, but I don't think I'm going to this year. The writing just isn't working right now and I have some major rewrites to do in the novel I've already written. I'm glad you finally settled on an idea. I wish you luck! :)

    1. Ah, I totally get what you mean. And rewrites are just as important as first drafts(probably slightly more important...). Anyways thanks and good luck with your re-writes!

  3. NO I'M SORRY I DON'T THINK I CAN!! I attempted it once, and just couldn't keep up the daily word count. I think I would love to work on a writing project over the years or something, but not within a month.

    The temptation is great though, I WANT TO COMPLETE A WRITING PROJECT. But I'm not a good writer, and I'm bad at forming sentences (see that first sentence in this paragraph? I don't think that's right. There's something wrong but I can't put my finger on it. I'm so bad at American English expressions). SO YEAH. Maybe some other time? When I'm bored?

    1. But you get better the more you write! Haha, I don't think that sentence is very bad. I will convince you one day!!!!!!!! =)

  4. I want to do it so, so badly. I just don't know how on earth I will find the time, since I pretty much don't sleep the way it is. But I want to! And I want to be writing buddies! I am conflicted. And I have these three... things. They are basically some jotted down ideas, a few paragraphs here and there, completely and totally unsophisticated documents begging for some kind of progress. But then... time. I have no time. None. I blame you for my conundrum, I'd have continued slack off blissfully otherwise.

    1. Ha! My evil plan is working! Also, remember Shannon, no pressure! You can set your personal goal as low as you want, say 10,000 words, that's only like 333 words a day! That's less than the average blog post(I think!)! And then you can either continue to work was the month is over, having hopefully found inspiration, or pick it up again for Camp NaNo in...whichever month Camp is going to be next year!

      Come on Shannon, join the dark side. I will send you encouraging gifs and songs everyday! And let me know if there's anything you want to discuss about NaNo and everything before you decide, I can be helpful!

    2. That really isn't that much when you put it that way. Okay, I think you have convinced me! I really do want to make some progress anyway, so this is a good way to start!

    3. Oh yay! Make sure to add me when you make your account! I'm seriously so excited that I convinced you! This post was mainly aimed at you and Val.

      Also let me know if you want those daily inspirational gifs because I can deliver on that!

  5. I'm not much of a writer, so I'm sad to say that you didn't convince me. Although it was pretty close. ;) But I want to wish you, and all the other participants, good luck!! :)

    1. Ah...thanks. I shall get you to join by next year. That's a threat and a promise... =)

  6. I'm definitely doing Nano, I'm actually going to try to finish that project I started last Nano!
    -Jon from Bookish Antics!