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A Novel Idea #1

This is a meme...about writing. I decided to do this this week because I've loved this meme for a while now and have just never found time to actually do it... Plus I've been stuck on my writing for nearly a week now, writers block, writing slump, whatever you want to call it, and am hoping this helps to inspire me! I don't know that I'll be doing this every week, maybe every other week? At least once a month!

A Novel Idea
This meme was created by Ashley @ Ashley Aspires, check out her site for more details!

I'm combining last weeks questions and this weeks with one post...because I really want to!

Last Week: The characters that I will be featuring are Lacey, my main character from my NaNo novel This World In Gray. And Grace, her sister...who is dead.

If they could choose to live in another decade, what would they choose and why? 

Lacey: I don't think it would necessarily be another decade...but let's say five years back to when her sister was still alive and not sick.

Grace: The 1900s, because Grunge Era...she would completely love that.

Do they want a job that helps people or a job that makes money? 

Lacey: Neither. I think she wants a job that she can love...meaning it must involve photography or poetry...or both.

Grace: Money. Grace is(was) all about seeing the world and traveling, so she'd like the money to do that, but once she had the money she'd do good with it too.

If they were to come into a million dollars, what would be the first thing they would do? 

Lacey: Build a time machine/cure cancer...because both things are probable(duh!) and she would want to be able to go back in time to save Grace... This is a weird answer...

Grace: Go to New York and Paris. Those were her main dreams.

What do they do when they’re bored? 

Lacey: Wander around taking pictures.

Grace: Bug Lacey until she agrees to do something crazy and/or blast music throughout the whole house and dance around singing at the top of her lungs.

What is their favorite kind of cake?

Lacey: She prefers pie...blueberry pie.

Grace: Red velvet.

This Week: It's all about writing style and whatnot!

How do you choose the names for your characters? 

Pretty randomly. Sometimes I'll just have an idea for a name in my head, other times I have to search for a name, I love Behind The Name, it's a great website. Most the time I already have my main character's name picked out. For some reason I really love to use names that start with the letter L when writing contemporary. I usually just keep looking until I find something that I like and feel that fits the character.

How do you beat writers’ block?

Hmm...hard question. I tend to give it a few days, if I don't feel like writing I don't force myself. But after three or four days pass I go back to my computer and I tell myself that I only have to write for an hour, or 200 words, or whatever, so that there's not a lot of pressure.

Also, a lot of the time I get writer's block because I'm unhappy with some aspect of my book so then I stop, let myself think it over, talk to my brother which is what helps the most. I talk everything through with him and usually he can help me figure out what it is that is wrong, and what I want to change. Then, I again slowly ease myself back into writing.

When do you do your best writing? Time of day, etc

Usually at night. There's less going on around me and I can concentrate better. Also, usually after I've had coffee.

What point of view do you find it easiest to write in? 

First person. It's what I've always written in(for the most part), but next I'm rewriting a book and switching it from 1st to 3rd...that's going to be fun. *shivers*

Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what’s your favorite?

Yes! I do. I don't have a favorite though...I listen to whatever I'm in the mood for. Sometimes I craft a playlist around my book and sometimes it's whatever I am currently obsessing over.

Okay. That was fun.. I feel the writing juices running(slowly), now it is time to go and write!

Today's Question Is: How many memes are too many? Obviously, a blog shouldn't be all memes but how do you decide how many you do every week?

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