Saturday, November 8, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 Week 1 Update!

Happy NaNoWriMo! It's officially the end of week 1! How are you doing? Let's celebrate surviving the first week shall we?

So, I thought I'd update you a little bit on my progress and then talk about next week!

My Word Count: 29, 042

I am currently about 15,709 words ahead of schedule, which is awesome. I've actually been pretty laid back about NaNo this year, I refuse to stress it out, I want to enjoy writing my novel and NaNoWriMo in general. If I finish early(not the 50,000 but my novel) awesome, I plan on working on my complete re-write of my fantasy novel as soon as I finish this one, and if I have an extra week on November to do that awesome. BUT, I'm not going to rush my NaNo novel to get there.

A few tips for enjoying NaNoWriMo:

1. Twitter! Twitter is the best thing to use, there are writing sprints and tons of advice, simply random people working on their novels and tweeting. Join the conversation even if it's just to do sprints! Or even if you just spend an hour looking at everything with the hashtag NaNoTips.

2. Don't force yourself to write. I know that this is easier said than done, especial if you're not ahead of your word count goal, but try not to stress too much. Don't put yourself down if you miss a day of writing, give yourselves a break to read or watch TV, just make sure you're back to writing the next day.

3. Do not, under any circumstances, compare your word count to that of your friends! Sure there will be people who are way ahead of you, I'm ahead of the goal and there are tons of people ahead of me too. It was really tempting the first couple days to write more, to write faster, to try to keep up with some of my friends and then I realized, that's stupid. Why should my writing suffer so that I can write faster and keep up my friends? Also remember just because someone writes faster, doesn't mean they write better and you suck. I felt that way once or twice last year. So, basically competition may be healthy, have a writing war or two, but don't get discouraged because someone is ahead of you! Even if you're only a couple hundred words in, don't stop writing!

4. Remember that you aren't stuck with your first choice. Meaning if you aren't enjoying your novel, if you aren't having fun, maybe consider writing something different. You don't want to make this a habit, don't do it if you're simply stuck, but if you genuinely don't enjoy writing this story then chose a new one!

Also, today is double up day! Where you try to double your word count and whatnot! It's also a big day for donating to NaNoWriMo! I am going to be trying to write about 10,000 words today as the most I've written in a day, so far this month, is just over 5,000! 

If you are doing NaNo and are behind this is the perfect day to work on catching up! On twitter the hashtag is #DoubleUpDay and feel free to follow me and we can sprint and encourage each other even though I never remember to set a timer for sprints and end up failing! Also, if I don't appear to be active on twitter just tweet at me and I'll see it and join in as soon as I can! I just tend to forget that I was doing something on twitter...I have memory issues. =)

My NaNoWriMo Profile! Let's be buddies!

And next Sunday(the 16th) is the Night Of Writing Dangerously! I'm so excited/nervous/anxious/slightly nauseous. Anyways more about that later! But do let me know if you're going to be there!

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Are you doing NaNo? If so how has your first week been? If not, what are you currently reading and are you enjoying it?

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  1. Wow! Congrats! :) I think not stressing about it is the best method. I'm up to 750 words now... I also read 50% of a book this week. *sighs*

    1. Thanks and yes no stress! The way I see it, you can write a novel really fast any month, you do it for NaNoWriMo to have fun and enjoy it!

      And hey, 750 words is a good start! If you double up today you'll be doing better than some people!

      I don't even want to talk about what I've read...I'm a slight failure as a book blogger when it comes to my reading habits recently. =)

    2. You are like, almost double what I've done ;) I have been reading like crap too Molly, it has been a rough week all around. We'll get there!

  2. Whoa, amazing job! I have increased my word count to... 437 LOL. I mean I knew I flat out did not have enough free hours to do 50K, but I'd hoped to be able to make it halfway or so. Even 20K would have been decent. At this rate, I will be lucky to write a grocery list, nevermind a novel!

    I love your suggestions though! And I am so glad that you are doing so well, keep up the good work!

    1. Hey, stay positive! You can still make it 20k at the least! It will be easy! You'll only have to write 910 words a day! You can do it if you believe you can fly!...okay that was kind of weird.

      Thank you!