Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNoWriMo (2014) Week 2 update!

This is going to be a short post as I have a headache due to a bad sinus infection and should not be on my computer!

My current stats:

Total word count: 52,711

Yes, I won! However, I am not done! My book is only like half finished...just over half done... It's longer than I thought... Though I'm more than happy with my progress...luckily I've had no life outside of writing the last two weeks!

Also, I added an awesome little widget to the side of the blog that shows my word count if you're interested!

Sunday(tomorrow) is the Night Of Writing Dangerously which is a NaNoWriMo event where about 250 writers gather in a ball room to write! There's food and a candy buffet and awesome costumes(so I've been told), and I am going! My mom(who's awesome(and funded most of this trip)!) is driving me to San Fransisco Sunday morning and she'll wander the city while I'm at the Night Of Writing Dangerously and we'll drive home Monday! I will be doing an update Monday all about it and try and tweet as many pictures as possible!

My twitter!

Also, I thought I'd go through some of my NaNoWriMo related tweets...I can get weird when I've had too much coffee and it's late... I was planning on including some epic advice, but I need to hurry and get back to doing nothing...I can't do anything that strains my eyes so no writing, no reading...I don't even know what else there is to do! besides marathon watch New Girl

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  1. YOU'RE DONE! But not? Oh wow you're only halfway done with the book! Are you continuing this month? Or are you just going to wait until later?

    Shhhh. Coffee is good for you. And writing. I like how all your posts are just ALL WRITING AND NANO. Yay!

    1. Haha, yes because I am crazy(and have no life outside of writing) I am continuing this month!

      Coffee is good for me, isn't it? *gets starry eyed while thinking of coffee*

  2. Yayy!! That is wonderful, I am so happy for you! And I am so excited that you get to go to the Night of Writing Dangerously!! It sounds SO fun, I can't wait to hear how it was. Congratulations on winning, and keep up the good work with the rest of your novel! Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow :)

    1. Thanks! I will make an epic post all about it, with lots and lots of pictures! =)

  3. CONGRATS FOR FINISHING NANO!! WOOOOT!! *showers you with confetti and chocolate* But seriously that night of writing sounds amazing and totally fun! :)) So lucky you live in places the do that sort of thing, right?! SQUEE. Anyway. I hope your sinus infection clears up though. Ugh. Being sick is the worst. :(

    1. Thanks! And yes, I am seriously lucky to live somewhere near this kind of stuff!

  4. Congrats! I can't believe you won already! Writing in a ballroom?! I look forward to your photos. :) Also, I can so relate to your tweets! I somehow came up with a new villain for book two this week. No clue where he came from. Feel better and have fun!

    1. Awesome, I love it when characters just write themselves into the story! And thanks! =)