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Review: The Sorcerer Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

The Sorcerer Heir
by Cinda Williams Chima
Release date: Oct. 21st 2014
How I got it - bought it.
Genre: YA Fantasy
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Description -
The delicate peace between Wizards and the underguilds (Warriors, Seers, Enchanters, and Sorcerers) still holds by the thinnest of threads, but powerful forces inside and outside the guilds threaten to sever it completely.

Emma and Jonah are at the center of it all. Brought together by their shared history, mutual attraction, and a belief in the magic of music, they now stand to be torn apart by new wounds and old betrayals. As they struggle to rebuild their trust in each other, Emma and Jonah must also find away to clear their names as the prime suspects in aseries of vicious murders. It seems more and more likely that the answers they need lie buried in the tragedies of the past. The question is whether they can survive long enough to unearth them. 

Old friends and foes return as new threats arise in this stunning and revelatory conclusion to the beloved and bestselling Heir Chronicles series.

My Rating:

4.5 Stars

 This book starts up right where The Enchanter Heir ends... Which I'm not going to go into detail on that or the summery of this book as it's the last in the series! And spoilers...I'm going to avoid those.

The Heir Chronicles has always been a favorite of mine, I started reading them when I was about 13, right after I first got into reading, and I loved them. Now if you've read the first three you know all about this world, but the author takes the continuation in a whole new direction. I loved it in Enchanter Heir and I loved it in Sorcerer Heir. These books are full of magic, awesomely unique characters, and just enough swoony moments and romantic tension.

Basically, I loved this book, it was an awesome ending to the series and not disappointing at all.

Some of my favorite things:

Leesha! We get chapters that are from her point of view and she's a more prominent character, which I loved.

Emma/Jonah. I just love them so much, and it killed me a little that they weren't talking through most of the book. I just wanted to yell at them a little bit. They also both grew as characters in this one, they both had some hard decisions to make, and you really feel for them, okay? You really really do.

Johan's powers. Since Enchanter Heir I've given props to the author for this one; Jonah can't touch people without killing them(which is only one of his "powers). So, this is something we see quite frequently, in Shatter Me, in X-Men, but the author does an epic job of making this stand out. It's not that, of course the love interest is the only one that can touch him. He doesn't even cause people pain, it's makes them feel good. I've just always loved the way this author took this power and twisted it.

Kenzie/Fitch - Two Side characters that I absolutely love. I was so excited when Fitch came back into it(even though I could totally tell how that was going to end up). And I love Kenzie, he's awesome. His part in the story was alternatingly heart breaking and epic. Once more: FEELS!

Twisty. There were quite a few twists in this book, I won't say that I didn't see them coming(because once I got into the book, in the chapters leading to the twists it was fairly obvious), but they're things I would have never guessed. I loved it!

Some of my not so favorite things:

The ending. Don't get me wrong I loved the ending, there were some bad ass moments, some epic plot twists, and I wasn't really disappointed. But, it was slightly anti-climatic...and not everything was resolved. That's the biggest thing, there were a few things that just weren't tied up. I mean it was kind of small, minor, things, but they still annoyed me.

Spoiler! Highlight to read! Emma and Jonah...their ending. It's killing me! Not even a kiss, WTF!?? I'd been waiting the whole book for them to kiss and then nothing!

Overall: I loved it. It's a pretty solid, epic ending to one of my favorite series. I only felt like it was missing just a little bit in the end.

Have you ever read the last book in a series only to find it a tiny bit lacking in the very end? 

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  1. I still haven't started with this series, but I have heard amazing things about it. I really want to read it as it seems like my cup of tea. New worlds and great characters are all I need. Plus I love interesting twists. I'm so glad you liked this one. Great review!

    PS. Love the new design :)

    1. Thanks, and you really should give this series a shot it is one of my all time favorites!

  2. Thanks for avoiding spoilers, I just got the last two book in this series, but I've yet to start it. I like the twist to the can't touching power. I always loved Rogue's powers! An anticlimatic end isn't so good.

    I think the last series that I was really disappointed in was Grisha. I know lots of people loved the ending, but I hated it. The first two books rocked, but I wish the end of Ruin and Rising had been different. (Sorry almost got me ranting there.)

    1. Rogue's power is one of the coolest powers ever! The ending is a little disappointing but not enough to really make me angry, or make me dislike the series in the littlest bit, so I mean, it's not the worst.

      I haven't yet finished Grisha, but I've heard from a couple of my friends that they found it kind of disappointing, also ranting is good! =)