Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ships I Don't Ship #3 The TV Show Version

Shipping: The act of wanting, nay needing, two characters to be together. Believing with every inch of your heart and soul that two characters belong together, whether it's that way in the book/tv show or not.
Example: I shipped Tris and Four so hard, they just belong together! (

So this is kind of a monthly feature here, recently. not sure how that happened, but I blame someone whom I will not name, but I'm sure the person knows it's them. This is where I like to talk about ships that I just do not ship. Whether it's because I dislike one of the characters or because I don't think they belong together, whatever reason I hate them together. This month is a little different, instead of talking about books I want to talk about TV shows!

Elena and Stefan / Elena and Damon (Vampire Diaries)
I have, through the seasons of this show, shipped both of these couples, basically when she was with Stefan I shipped her and Damon, and when she was with Damon I shipped her and Stefan... Now though? I hate both of them. Mainly, and this is really the only reason, because I do not like Elena. At all. She's a drama queen who makes so so many stupid decisions and I'm tired of her... Also, I totally ship Stefan and there's that!

Oliver and Laurel (Arrow)
Okay, this is once again because I do not like one of these characters, Laurel. I've never liked her. She's kind of a big the word that rhythms with witch. Again, she also makes a lot of stupid decisions. Also, Tommy was my favorite character and I hated the way she treated him. Basically, she does not deserve Oliver!

Arthur and Gwen (Merlin)
Okay, so I know this follows the myth and stories and everything but I still did not ship it. Gwen didn't deserve Arthur or Lancelot, she was a two timing buttface.... Okay? With this one it's not even that I ship Arthur with someone else just that I don't like Gwen, I did at first but then...nope.

Penny and Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)
I know what you're thinking, how could I not ship this? But...I don't. I did at first, in the first few seasons and everything, but now it's boring. It's not that I don't ship them, that I don't want them to be together, it's just a kind of boring relationship. I don't know, I've confused myself now. It's like I don't really care one way or another about them anymore, they could get married or break up and I wouldn't really feel much of anything about it...

Throwback pick! Rory and Dean (Gilmore Girls)
They never belonged together! The only couple in this series that I shipped less was Lorelei and Christopher. I'm sorry, it was over the first time they broke up, I hated it when Dean came back, married, and all the subsequent decisions Rory made. It's just...Rory and Jess forever!

So, tell me; what are some ships you just don't ship? They can be from books, TV shows, or movies! Also what did you think of the TV Show version!?

Next month: Ships I Don't Ship #4... Not sure what it will be, or if it will have a different theme, but it will be up next month!

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  1. You are so right about Rory and Dean! He was not right for her at ALL.

    1. Exactly! I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way. =)

  2. I totally agree with you about Rory and Dean. Rory and Jess were perfect for each other...

    1. They were... *sigh* In my mind they ended up together though, so all is well!

  3. I don't like Laurel either and the show seems to keep trying to force them together. I liked her sister MUCH better.

    Yeah I didn't really care for the whole Gwen + Arthur thing either. I liked her with Merlin at first, but then more Lancelot than Arthur.

    I stopped watching Big Bang. I liked when it was nerd humor, but the sex humor just isn't funny.

    In the tv show Revenge, I don't like Jack and they keep trying to mush him and Emily together. I don't know if you watch that show though. It was good at first, but now I don't really know why I'm still watching it.

    1. Ehh, I didn't like her or Sarah! Felicity...that's all I have to say. =)

      Yeah, in the first seasons I totally shipped Gwen and Merlin! But, then, it's like 'Gwen, what are you doing!?'

      I love Big Bang but I could definitely deal without some of the "humor".

      No I haven't seen Revenge yet, is it good? Haha. I really hate it when I lose interest in a show but sometimes they just go downhill!

  4. I completely agree about Rory and Dean! and I'm not a big fan of Laurel on Arrow either. I felt like I was alone on that one

    1. No, you are not alone! I do not like Laurel at all!

  5. Erm. I have only watched The Big Bang Theory. And a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. But I do sadly concur with Leonard and Penny. Yawn. I mean, I adored them for so long but now they are so boring. Give me Amy and Sheldon any day. Or hell, mix it up! The same people do not always have to be together!