Friday, December 12, 2014

All about Fall Out Boy!

Since I had nothing scheduled and I love talking about things I do...I thought I'd recap the Fall Out Boy concert for you all! Basically, last night, Thursday, my brother and I went to a Fall Out Boy concert and it was pretty awesome. Fall Out Boy is one of my favorite bands and I was so excited for it...unfortunately it didn't all go according to plan...

The Stage!

Setting the stage: I don't think I've ever mentioned this but I live Reno, which basically means when I tell someone where I'm from they automatically say, "oh, is that near Vegas?" No. No, it's not. But, we do have our own casinos and lots of gambling, though we're kind of working to get away from being known for that. Why does this matter? Because, basically every good band we get here plays at one of the casinos. So, the concert hall, is actually one we hadn't been to before, because they renovated since the last time we were there, they used to have one of those fancy show rooms, that have full on booths and tables that you sit at to see the show...kind of a let down when you're going to a rock concert. Now, it's just a giant room, with no seats. Standing room only. Which if you're a concert goer you might agree is like the coolest thing ever. The whole floor is a moshpit without the fighting, you can stand and thrash and dance and pump your fists. So, that's the scene.

My brother and I started about halfway back from the stage and steadily made our way forward so that by the end of the last band we were right up against the fence, mere feet from the stage... That was epic.

 Cage The Elephants lead singer, up close and slightly personal

First, there were two opening bands that we didn't know about: Meg Myers and then Big Data.. Not to bad mouth them...but they sucked. It's not even that they were super bad live or anything but that I did not like they're music at all.

Then Fall Out Boy comes out...and I'm confused because I know that Cage The Elephant is there and should be their opening act, Fall Out Boy is headlining! So, they start talking and because of snow storms and the fact that Reno's airport was closed because of the wind...their drummer was stuck in Portland(I think?).... So, they were going to be playing an acoustic show... Now if you know anything about Fall Out Boy you know they aren't exactly the kind of band known for playing acoustic songs. Don't get me wrong, they were awesome. I loved every minute of their set, they played most my favorites(I Don't Care, Immortals, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark). But, they only played like 7 or 8 songs.... It wasn't enough! And, because it was acoustic they had to just sit there the whole time, no running around on stage, no jumping up and down, they just sat there.

I admit once they left stage I was pretty disappointed.
Cage The Elephant...again. They were the easiest ones to take pictures of!

Then, Cage The Elephant toke over as Headliner playing the most songs...and they rocked. They literally saved the show. At this point, I was right against the fence and could perfectly see the stage and they were definitely the best part of the whole concert. The lead singer(I'm blanking on his name) was stage diving and at one point a couple of guys in the audience were holding him up(standing up straight) while he sang. He also ran down right in front of us, that was badass. They also kept talking about how long it had taken them to get here, through snow and everything, it started at like 4 hours, then 8 hours, 4 weeks. At one point, the lead singer was talking about how it'd taken them weeks to get here and they'd been stuck in an avalanche for days with no was hilarious. The best bands to see live are the ones that can really work the crowd and that was definitely Cage The Elephant.

(Cage The Elephant's lead singer standing on the crowd)

Okay, that's it. Basically, while Fall Out Boy, through no real fault of their own, was slightly disappointing, Cage The Elephant really rocked and saved the whole thing.

Tell me, have you been to any concerts? Who would you most want to see live?


  1. Man I love Fall Out Boy. Sad that the concert was so disappointing.

    1. I know, I love them so much and they were still awesome but they could have been so much better!

  2. I only know one Big Data song (Dangerous) and I adore it, but I don't know anything else about them, other than I am obsessed with that song. Sorry that Fall Out Boy was a disappointment though :( I am not a fan, but that still sucks. I do like Cage the Elephant, so I am glad they picked up the slack!

    I have been to a few concerts. My favorite has to be Barenaked Ladies, I saw them I think in 2001 when they came to Wilkes-Barre, it was one of the first shows in our new arena, and they were the BEST performers. Talk about putting on a show! I saw Dave Matthews Band a few times, in Hershey and then in Scranton. I saw Maroon 5 and John Mayer, that was decent, and um The Backstreet Boys. I swear, a friend dragged me, but the worst part was that it was their "comeback" tour, so this was like, 2006. They were all middle aged, and one of them probably had a few grandkids. It was embarrassing. OH and I saw Gavin DeGraw once at a local college.

    I don't know who I would see if I had to pick now! I love Lorde, The Lumineers, Foster the People, Ellie Goulding, Fun, Of Monsters and Men... though I have no idea if any of those people even have concerts. Because I am sadly never in the market to get to go anywhere fun ;)

    1. Dangerous was the last song they played and the only one I liked, but it was pretty freaking awesome. And yeah, Cage The Elephant was awesome and completly saved the show!

      Oh my gosh, Backstreet Boys!?! That's awesome, I don't care if they are old now I would still go see them! Gavin Degraw and Maroon Five? Awesome. =)


    But what even. They played acoustic versions? I love acoustic, don't get me wrong. BUT THIS IS FALL OUT BOY. I'm sorry it was disappointing! :(( I wish they had done better. At least you saw them live! The only concert I went to was One Republic's, but that's only it haha :P

    1. I know! They're awesome and they were awesome live, but Fall Out Boy is not meant to play acustic songs!!!!

      Oh my gosh, One Republic? That's awesome! I love them! =D