Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let's Talk: To Re-Read Or Not To Re-Read?

I wanted to do a discussion post of sorts and seeing as I am currently re-reading the entire Harry Potter series I decided, what better time to talk about re-reads?

I know a lot of readers simply don't re-read in general, and a lot of you just don't have time! What with new books constantly coming out and massive TBRs, not to mention review all adds up and it seems like every time you've gotten it down to a manageable size you just get more books! It's a proven fact(probably) that we book nerds prefer to read more new books than the same ones over and over again... I want to know why?

Why do you not re-read? Why do you re-read certain books but not others? Obviously if you hated a book you more than likely wouldn't re-read it, but how do you chose from your favorites, which ones deserve to be read again and which don't?

Here's a list of a few reasons why I don't re-read certain books:

1. Not enough time. Obviously this is the most common for book bloggers and reviewers. You need to have a certain number of reviews up a week(I've currently given up on this), or you feel required to read all your review books, there's simply not enough time to re-read an enormous series!

2. Worries. Sometimes, with certain books, I've read and loved them and built them up so much in my mind that I'm kind of afraid that they won't be as good the second time around.

3. I didn't love it the first time.

Now a few reasons I decided to re-read Harry Potter:

1. It's been forever. Literally 5 years since I read them. And I realized quite suddenly how long it'd been since I read them and the fact that in May, I got a Harry Potter tattoo and I was like, seriously? I have a Harry Potter tattoo and yet I haven't read the books in 5 years!

2. ABC family, for the first time since I can remember, is not showing their Harry Potter weekend for 25 Days Of Christmas. This depressed me.

3. It's the holiday season! What better gift to give myself than a Harry Potter re-read!

That's it. That was basically my entire thought process for deciding to re-read it. So, what I want to know is: are there any books you re-read every year without fail? Why do re-read books? Why don't you re-read books?

Personally, I am highly enjoying myself with my re-read of Harry Potter, I'd forgotten just how magical they still are, whether it's the first time  or the hundredth re-read.

What are you currently reading?


  1. I typically don't reread books because I have so many on my TBR!! There are a few I have read this year that I loved so much I may reread them next year. We will see how that works out. Ha

  2. I reread CERTAIN books! I will read HP or PJO a thousand times over and they would be as amazing as the very first time, if not more!! They are incredible!

    I sometimes SKIM the first book of a series if I forget what happens when I'm about to read the sequel.

    I don't really have time to REread, my TBR has a 1000 books!

    Great post and discussion! :)
    ~Fari 0:)
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  3. I love re-reading my favorites, but don't do it as often as I'd like because my TBR pile is massive. I tend to do it more often if I'm stressed or upset. Sometimes, if I don't want to take the time to re-read the whole book, I'll just go back and read random passages from a book I loved so I get a taste of that world again. I also like to reread a series before starting a new book in it if more than a year has passed.

  4. Even though I have a pretty long TBR, I frequently re-read my favorite books. I usually re-read, or rather, re-enjoy, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson at least once a year. I've also re-read Divergent and The Hunger Games a couple times, like in a car on a long drive. And I agree, the HP series really is*dramatic voice* ~*MAGICAL*~ :D

    Claire @ Bookworm Reviews

  5. I am with you, time is the biggest deterrent. Damn you, time. If I could, I would reread The Hunger Games constantly. Like literally all the time. But alas, I cannot. It is a goal to reread them next year though, I have been stuck on 9 times for wayyy too long. I reread Divergent and Insurgent when Allegiant was coming out (which I hadn't bothered), and I want to reread the Chaos Walking and Unwind series at some point. And TFIOS. And Rites of Passage. Maybe when I am old and feeble and don't blog anymore and have gone bankrupt from purchasing all NEW books that I never have time to read? Ha. Great discussion!

  6. A couple of years back, I felt like I didn't have the time to reread a single book, and that really bothered me. I love to revisit my favorite stories, and so my new goal is to always take the time. This year I've managed to reread over 50 books, and I love it. I'm currently rereading the Harry Potter series, and I love them just as much this time around, as I did the first time I read them. Amazing. :)

  7. I prefer rereading to new reads actually. My plan for this year was not to reread and I succeeded, but next year I'm going to have to reread Harry Potter, and the guards books from Discworld. I understand how it is with review books and new releases and all.

    The books I reread again and again are my favorites. Mostly light, happy, funny, just fun reads.

    I didn't know you have a tattoo! You're braver than I am. No Harry Potter Weekend?! That's awful!

  8. I think rereading favourites is a great idea. Percy Jackson will forever be my favourite series, and I've reread the series so many times already. But I must agree, time is a large deterrent. However, some books are just worth it, IMO.

    Nice post! <33

  9. I really wish I had more time to reread some of my favorite books. I manage to reread one or two a year and that's not enough, but with more books coming out even daily I simply don't have time. I really hope that you're enjoying HP :) Great post :)

  10. I re-read more often than I 'should' most likely. Sometimes I re-read because a new book has come out in a series I haven't read in so long I don't remember it well enough to read the new book. (Just picked up book 3 & 4 in the Tess Noncoire chronicles, and I waited YEARS for them...) So I have to re-read at least the book before the newest one in order to remember what the series was about.

    Sometimes I re-read favorites because nothing on my TBR shelf looks interesting to me at the time. And sometimes I just really get the urge to re-read a particular book or series, for no apparent reason.

    Before I started reviewing books, it wouldn't bother me much how many books I re-read before reading something new. Now that I have my blog, I try not to re-read something more than once a week or every 2 weeks. My TBR pile keeps growing and if I re-read more than that, I'm afraid to think about what it would look like!

  11. I KNOW I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT ABC FAMILY WAS NOT SHOWING HARRY POTTER. I was really confused, because I know they show it every year but NOT THIS TIME :(

    And yeah, I agree with everything you've said! Rereading is fun, but I want to read so many other books that are on my TBR. It's time consuming enough!